Saturday, June 27, 2009



I am in total shock. I grew up listening to his songs and learning his dance moves. How can someone go so suddenly? It just makes you feel that life is so vulnerable, so unpredictable. Just a few days before he was still practising for his London concert, and now he is gone.

Michael, you'll always be a legend. Even when you are gone, you'll stay in the hearts of the people around the world. Your music has touched so many people and everyone will remember you.

Good bye Michael, the hottest phenomenon the world has ever seen. RIP.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kat - My Birthdayyyyyyy

I had a birthday celebration over the weekend. :)

I love DSLR. Just look at the difference in the images quality. I need to get one. But it's sooo big to carry out.

Thanks dearie =]
She went around getting these little pretty cupcakes. I super heart them. Aren't they super duper adorable? Thanks love.

The watch that dearie got me. :) I love the blingness of the watch. It goes well with anything.

Meet up to go watch State of Play, the show is really boring to me. LOL.

BFF. Hearts. <

Excuse the ugly face, i like this dress :)

I had a mini celebration with my college friends and jc cheerleading friends too.

My NUS economics honours peeps.

My cheerleading babes.

Guy sent me my birthday pressie. This pair of gorgeous shoes from ZU. loves

My birthday gifts :)

Thank you everyone for making the birthday such a great one for me :)
I feel truly blessed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kat - The luxe

I had a wine tasting with my college friends last week. Although I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I have to say the wine served there are pretty awesome. The place was super posh, I love the open concept and the desserts are so beautiful it looks unreal.

What's on me: Melbourne bought tee shirt, dotti high waisted skirt, Icon studded belt.

It's the weekend again. YAY :)
Have fun loveliessssss.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kat - Fedoraaaaaaa

I went on a family trip to Genting before my brother get enlisted into armyyyy. Thus the lack of blogging and replying of comments!! sorry >.<
The white power ranger went on the trip with me. :)

I bought a fedora hat, like finally on the trip. Here's me debuting with him. Yay!!

And here's a night view of Singapore. I thought it was really pretty.

What's on me: fedora hat, charles and keith wedges, cropped top and mum's belt as bracelet.

Any ideas for a birthday?? Mine is coming next week but I have no idea how to celebrate it with my friends!! I wanted it to be more special as I haven really celebrate my birthday in Singapore for 2 years!

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