Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kat - Back in Singapore

I am back home. The weather here is soo hot and humid. I feel like I'm in a sauna the whole day long.
I went out to get some errands done with my family.

What's on me:
Random tank top, Skirt bought by my mum (yay to totally cool mums!), pebbles studded shoes, vintage bag and accessories from everywhere.

I love love love my new flats. I got them at half price. It was love at first sight, but I knew boxing day sale was coming so I waited till that day and yay!! I got them really cheap. There were a few bargains here and there but the sales wasn't as much as I thought. Most shops were giving 10% to 20% off the regular priced items. But I still enjoyed my first boxing day sale ever.

I miss guy. =(

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kat - Lagging behind time

I'm so behind in the entries. So I shall do a really fast recap.
And I know this is a trivial thing to many many people, but still I wanna scream and shout and make known that I just learn how to cycle. I'm still a novice and really bad at it, but it doesn't matter. I can cycle in a straight line as long as there is no curb or anything.
I cycled out today on the real road when I just master cycling in less than 2 hours. I fell a couple of times with cuts here and there, however it's really great as it's my first cycling outside. haha.

Me and guy had such an adventure today. Climbing the mountain, cycling, hiking, meeting animals of all sorts. But I'll blog about it next time.

I went out to get some shopping done last week and here's what I wore:

I think I look like an air steward.
What's on me: Reverse blue button dress, vintage scarf, DIY belt, charles and keith wedges, coach bag, accessories from everywhere.

With guy in pancake parlor. It's this place where they sell fabulously wonderful pancakes. I love the store.

An a photo of the heavenly ice chocolate from koko black. It's so good that with every sip all you can say is literally "wow, so good".

The night ended with asian food. yay.

I went out for a really short while and I can't remember what I did. But here's what I wore.
What's on me:
Dress from melbourne, rip curl bracelet, vintage bag, Rubi silver flats, diva headband.

And last Sunday I went to the Bus Depot Market. It's this place where the artsy people meet. They sell beautiful ornaments, paintings, photographs, frames, soaps and some wonderful food.
If you didn't already notice, I dyed my hair. Technically, guy help me. And he did a really great job!!
Love this cute pin.

What's on me:

Supre top, polka dot baby doll top as skirt, cotton on cardigan, vintage pin, vintage oroton belt, vintage bag, Zu peep toes.

I'm so tired now I can sleep for 24 hours straight without waking up. Imagine walking like 20 km in one day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kat - A visit to the war memorial

I went to the war memorial with guy! It is soo much better than I thought. It even made me wish that I had visited the place much much earlier in my 2 years here. The memorial was beautifully built and contains history of world war 1 and 2 with historical artifacts and real bomber planes. So much time and effort have been put into this whole building. The artifacts were beautifully preserve and the miniature models of soldiers and paintings were fantastic.
Guy loves it there. He loves all these historical stuff.

Here's what I wore:
What's on me:
Supre black mini, supre white top, inniu beige shoes, guess bag, cotton on drappy cardigan, vintage scarf, vintage oroton belt.

That's the war memorial.

With a fake camel.

Me and guy spent 3 hours and we are only done with world war 1. We have yet to see WW2 or the planes yet. So, we'll be coming back here soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kat - My favourite city in Aussie (Part 3)

Day 3 and 4

Day 1 and 2 are below this entry and guy's entry on Melbourne is below mine! I'm stealing all his spaces. haha.

We went to this shopping lane called bridge road in Melbourne. The weather for the last 2 days were pretty bad. Rain was perpetual. It never stops. I hate running around in rain. =( But I do love to see people outside running in the rain. haha.

Me and guy went to this amazing cafe. I love all the cakes they have there. Wonderfully sinful.

And all my outfit posts for the day!

What's on me: Jeans west lace tights, zu peep toes, Black zipper dress from valley girl, vintage bag, accessories from everywhere.

On the tram to bridge road.

I love my bag. It's from guess. Normally I think guess have rather tacky bags, but this is really cute and compact and eye catching. Thank you guy for it. xx

pigging out after a whole day of work.

Buildings in Melbourne.

The last day was spent wandering around queen victoria market. It's the number one place to visit on trip advisor. I visit the market everytime I'm in melbourne. It is always bustling with life and activities.

Me and guy had our caricature drawn. Something we always wanted to do. =]
That's a drawing of us! He's a soccer player and I'm a cheerleader.

Kat - My favourite city in Aussie (Part 2)

Day 2

Day 2 in Melbourne was spent in a freaking bus! The bus ride to see the 12 apostles was 5 hours. So to and fro that 10 hours in the bus. I sat till my butt feels sooo pain and tired. The journey was really boring but I guess everyone has to go see the apostles once. At least once. It's pretty worth the journey for the first time.

Guy and me, we didn't expect ourselves to be so blown away by how beautiful and majestic nature's work is. They are that magnificent it just takes your breath away.

The tour starts at 8. We woke up early for a heavy breakfast before the tortuous bus journey.

We reached the great ocean road! After 3 hours in the bus, you have to get down and at least snap some photos!

2 more grueling hours later, we finally reach the 12 apostles. Lo and behold!

This is to show how windy it is there. Just look at my hair. I look so electrified. haha.

What's on me: Valleygirl yellow sundress, white tights, black lace tights, Zu peep toe oxfords, forever new shades, vintage bag.

We reached back the city at 8 plus. We went to the casino and had a few rounds. haha. But lady luck wasn't on our side. IS THERE ANY FORMULA AT WINNING IN CASINO?? Teach me please if there is.

A photo with the street artist. They are really talented. =]

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