Friday, October 31, 2008

Kat - Guy's surprise

Hoho! I gave guy a surprise party yesterday!
The cake was fab, the company was great. Admist the busy studying, everyone took time out to give guy a pre birthday celebration!
His birthday is next sunday, but as we have exams starting next week, I decided to throw him an advance birthday celebration!

He was really happy and surprise! We got him voucher and this awesome book that I made containing everyone's well wishes. =]

We got 2 cakes for him. White raspberry cheesecake and chocolate. YUM!
The book that I made with everyone! ^^

Thanks everyone that came down and made guy really happy! Our group photo!

Oh, and here's what I wore today.
My mum bought this dress for me like 4 years ago. Coolest mum ever. And I'm still wearing it now! WAHAHAHA!

What's on me:

blue tights from taiwan, silver flats, mum bought me this dress, vintage necklace.

back to studying!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guy - Happy shitty week

Hi there! This has been my week of shitty luck! Just when I am writing this, 2 hours ago the soccer ball just landed on my nose causing it to bleed! But it is fine now although I double checked with the mirror and feel its abit more to the left. If you guys notice any changes on my face after this post please tell me!

This week amidst all my bad luck we had valete, a dinner to wish farewell to all departing residents. Well again it is as sad as Spartos for me as I got a project due next day and haven't done much, and also 2 class tests! Well, this is shitty week, and I flung both! Hope my project goes well though.. oo.. maybe its because of the tie I wore to Valete, its shit colour :( .

On me: Belt ($5), tie thrifted ($1), shirt from Crocodile ($50), thrifted woman's blazer, skinny formal pants from Jeanswest ($8.99), WS white shoes ($20).

Anyway, crocodile is one of my favourite brands. They exists long ago when my father buy their shirts off departmental stores, but now I suppose a new management took over and revamp their image! It is very stylish and I like all the clothings on their mannequin. Good thing is they are not too expensive, and hopefully I have more of their stuff when I start working.

Liang. AaaaMazing suit (his slang).

On the left (Davidson aka genius) is one of the most amazing person I met. He love maths! And I can flip his books and only understand what the Foreword page is telling me. Middle is Leon, his room is always fequented by girls to STUDY with him.

John on the left from Singapore. He likes to play gay even though he has a gf.

Kat and the food! Looks great and taste like... lamb.

Valetees! All the best to them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kat - Final countdown

Have been superrrrrr busy with school work. =(
I have 2 assignments due. One is tomorrow and another one next monday!
Didn't really have the time to blog until now.

So, let's put things back in order! ^^
I bought a pair of shoessssss!! haha! Remember when I said I have this civic voucher? The shoes shop (called Zu by the way) is having a 40% off sale. And the prices were slashed, so using the voucher I purchased this pair of pretty wonderful shoes at $30. It's original price is $140. So it's a pretty good bargain! =)
I was deciding between size 8 or 9 as size 8 is a little tight but size 9 is a little loose. I got size 8 in the end and I'm glad I chose the smaller size as it looks way better. Will wear them out tomorrow! Haven't had the chance to bring them out for a walk yet.

We had this surprise party for 3 of our friends last Friday.
And this was what I wore.
I looked so grumpy. haha! The sun was really blinding! And I didn't have makeup on as we were rushing!
I love the 2 front pockets!! n_n
What's on me:
ICE tartan dress which I altered ($5), RUBI bow shoes, Jeanswest Micheal Jackson jacket, vintage bag and accessories.

Some of the guys that were there at the party! GUY IS IN THE CENTER!!
If you notice, his hair is short now! I trimmed it for him! =]
And pay attention to his shirt. LOL!
The night ended with sing star and booze and finger snacks.

I bought a pair of pink leopard tights for a dollar.
I took out the wall e guy bought. It's cute.
That's wall e beside me.

I'm feeling so zoo-ish, I took out all my animals accessories and wore them!
Say hello to my giraffe earrings, owl necklace and leopard tights!

What's on me:
LOVE LIFE teeshirt dress, cotton on pink leopard tights ($1), white ballerina flats, giraffe earrings from bangkok, ICON owl necklace.

Being under the stress, I have been eating alot! haha!
And I kept complaining how much I need some Krispy Kreme. Being the sweet guy that he is, guy went to get me some of those sweet delights. =]

I ate finished 6 of them in one single day on top of my meals!! T_T (so fatt so fatttt)

I was feeling really pinkish and princessy today, so I decided to wear this little bubble dress.

And now posing with the krispy kreme!! hoho! I'm doing free advertisement for them!!!

What's on me:
Night market pink bubble dress ($10), supre white tights, Diva pink bow headband, white ballerina flats.

Tomorrow is my hall's valete! Some semi formal event for those leaving the hall after 3 years or graduating, which is me! Cause I'm considered graduating from ANU end of this year, though not from NUS yet. So, stay tune!

Good night lovelies.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Guy - What if Jesus got a good sense of style?

This entry might offend plenty, who imagine themselves going to heaven with Jesus in a white robe and open arms.

But this is AD 2k+, it is hard to imagine that the Lord might want to stick to the same style of clothing for few thousand years. I do not see my priest having 10 same set of uniforms in his closet too. One might wonder, if Jesus were to be as style concious as a normal human of this era, how might he look?

A w e s o m e .

T i g h t .

Some things are still the same.

The King

Anyway, this stunner is a model of Bally. I love Bally.

And hes only 24 -_-. I'm older.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kat - New Haven Can Wait

I just caught the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Blair's wardrobe last night was not impressive. I thought she deserves better clothes! But still, it was fun to watch. I feel a little sad for Chuck as he is always alone, and Nate over-reacted with Chuck using Dan even when Chuck protected him. Nate chose Dan over Chuck. Well, Dan is nice and all, but I don't see his story in this season. He is so boring! He has no storyline at all. And why is Nate hooking up with so many random girls so quickly? LOL. I like the S and B parts the most. Despite all the catfights, the sabotaging, S and B made up in the end, so all is good and shiny.

As guy previously mentioned, we made a trip down to Salvos for about an hour. I'm really glad as he bought 2 gorgeous bags. I bought 2 scarves and 2 necklaces and the bag that I'm carrying below! And I DON'T HAVE 7 vintage bags. LOL! I have like 4?
I just washed both the scarves. The water is amazingly brown. Haha! I'm glad it's clean now, so I can wear it! Yay!

This is what I wore today:

The bag is my new collection. I cut this purple tee into the tank top as the collar is chocking me. The skirt was belted as it's a little loose. The belt was from another skirt.

What's on me:
Charles and Keith Shoes ($40), Cotton on black skirt ($5), DIY purple top, vintage purse, ICON owl necklace, purple bangle.

This was what I wore the other day to school. A sailor inspired outfit, but I don't look too sailorish.
GUY HAS A FANTASTIC METABOLISM! He eats 2 packets of instant noodles for supper and he does not get fat. Not an ounce of fat is on him. And when we cook supper, he'll share it with me. And I'll happily eat the noodles. I thought that since he won't get fat, I won't too!!
BUT BUT BUT!! that is so untrue. I have been piling on excess weight at all the wrong places! hahahahahah! Shed it off shed it off!! Summer is here soon. Time to shed off those gain during winter!!

That's my new badge!! I like it. It's so kitschy.

What's on me:
Cut off denim shorts, Westco nautical top ($5), Jeanswest Michael Jackson Jacket, shoes from Melbourne, vintage pin($1) and scarf and mum's pearls.

Off to do my work now! xoxo

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guy - Yet another salvation army conquered

Today we made a hasty attack on the salvation army in Macquaire (not sure of the spelling), and we made a few buys! It was the first time that I actually managed to find bags, and made a fantastic swoop on two of it.

This one I found it buried under a heap of polyester bags, the same feeling as digging out a treasure buried under the soil. It costs $5, looks new and I can bring it to office. The brand is Fortune Duck (sounds like a chinese restuarant) and it is founded in 1936 in Italy. Yet to check out the brand on internet but love the quality and color no matter what.

The second bag I acquired ($5 too), it is pretty small like a lady's handbag, its a lady's brand. But I guess it looks manly enough for me to use it. Great quality, it is leather and made in England. Kat likes it too, but she let me have it. Haha, that is partly because she already have like 7 other vintage bags!

Last item from the store, was helping Kat look out for nice necklace and I saw this. She said it was suitable for guys as well so I bought it for $1.

Lovely day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kat - Ready Set Go

The start of a new term is in 24 hours. 3 weeks to finals. Gosh! Time is going a little too fast for me.
It's time to start studying for it! I think the number of posts will be dropping as me and guy won't have the luxury to go out shopping and take outfit posts anymore. Nevertheless, we will try to post regularly.

A short trip out today! Didn't do much, didn't come back full of bargains or satisfaction. But I did come back with a cute little badge.

A casual and comfortable outfit. =)

What's on me:
Elle world butterfly top ($3), Minkpink lame leggings, vintage bag, tube as skirt, Rubi strappy shoes ($50), black accessories.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo. I'm excited by the new gossip girl episode coming up! loves.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Guy - Camera Canberra

I forgot that I actually mentioned I hope to showcase some sceneries of Australia in the description on the right. And so I have another excuse to blog more to compete with Kat!

Got to admit that it is actually not the sceneries of Canberra's beautiful mountains or sea, but it is more like taking pictures of what I see as beautiful in Canberra. My other hobby! :)

On the way to Civic after sucky dinner at hall to have a walk. What healthy person I am! (yeah right I took a bus back later)

This is actually the window of an office space! Looks like Pocahontas is working inside

A picture of Unilodge, another student accomodation. This sky is impossible in Singapore as it is always humid and the sky is always exploded with clouds.

Under a bus-stop shelter at Unilodge. Canberra is developing at a fast pace and constructions can be seen everywhere. I had a plan to invest in Canberra property when I have the money only to find out everywhere here is owned by the Queen. She will only allow you to lease her lands.


Picture of a chalk-drawn Heath on a board. Native of Australia and love for him hardly dies.
Ended the civic trip with a Macdonalds meal to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Kat - :wall.e:

I just caught wall e with guy 2 days ago. I am in love with that show!!!

The movie was so touching and there were so many parts I could feel so much emotions swelling inside me. And guy was really sweet. He got the toy for me as a surprise when we went out yesterday. Thank you! I really love the toy and the surprise.

This is the wall.e toy. He can talk and move and respond. n_n

this is my happy shoes!! yellow strap and heels!

My gigantic chipmunk bag. He is really handy when it comes to shopping. You can throw everything inside. Oh!! I bought a michael jackson like jacket. It's gorgeous. I love it.

What's on me:
Thrifted extra large jumper ($4), over the knees, happy shoes ($10), chipmunk bag from Singapore ($10).

I went out today after dinner for a stroll.

A close up of my jacket.

What's on me:
Floral dress from night market, jeanswest michael jackson like jacket, jeanswest lace tights ($4), speedyrhino black heels, thrifted bag, ICON sailormoon necklace ($2).

Holidays are ending so soon. I'm so unprepared for school. =(

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