Wednesday, February 25, 2009

kat - chomppa on the go

Debuting my other new shoes from guy! They're called chomppa!! :) I saw them on the webby and fell in lurve! I told guy about the shoes and he went to get them for me! What was really sweet was that the store in the city didn't have my size and he travelled to the suburbs to get them! -hearts-

These shoes are really comfy for their height! I feel like I can dance in them although they are a little small.

I realised that they are my first pair of brown heels! Pardon my fugly nails. :(

My bag is a gift from guy as a vday pressie too! We saw the bag together and we both like it! Patent and snake skin, what's there not to love?

I don't think it is obvious but there's a bow on my head!

That's such a random pose. haha

The patterns on my skirt.

What's on me:


Brown shoes-Chomppa from betts


Ring-Marc Jacobs Daisy

knitted jacket-Vintage

Guy would be angry with me for posting this without telling him, but I think he looks cute here. :)

I feel so sad that guy is going back this friday! His 3 weeks stay here just zoom passed like
that. It doesn't even feel like he has been back long and he has to go back. Pack me in the luggage too will you?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

kat - Monochrome meet colors

It's my mid term break next week! 6 weeks of school has gone by so quickly!!
In a monochrome mood today so I donned on my new cardigan. I love the oversize feel of the cardigan.

Love the patterns on my tights!

Taking pictures outside the huge nike store!

geeky face!

And here's guy with ronaldo!

I am so bad at taking pictures, it all comes out blurry and ugly ugly. =( But he still looks amazing to me.

The night view of Marina promenade capture by my hp.

What's on me:
Oversized cardigan- Song and Song
Blue stripped top- Abercrombie and Fitch
Skirt- From long ago
Tights- May fashion
Peep toe oxfords- Zu
Sash tie- DIY
Bag- Melbourne
Geeks- Bro's

Monday, February 16, 2009

kat - 12.02.2007

My sore throat has erupted into unstoppable cough which comes at a frequency of ten seconds once. In a min I would have cough like 6 times. I can't seem to stop coughing and the medication doesn't help either. It's hurting me so so much.

Anyhow, I hope you had a wonderful valentine's day. And although they all say if you're in love everyday is valentines day but I 'm sure girls would still like to be a little extra pampered on the 14th of Feb.

I wore this out on Thursday to meet guy. :) Singing, movie, pictures, italian pasta was fun fun fun.

I finally caught slumdog millionaire with guy. THAT MOVIE IS FANTASTIC!! PLEASE GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T! I'm sure you will not regret it. I love the young jamal! He is so so cute.
I wanna watch the wrestler and valkyrie next. =)

What's on me:
Dress- Blue Juice
Bag- Bugis street long ago
Shoes- Zu shoes from guy
Ring- Marc Jacobs Daisy
Headband- An old necklace
Michael Jackson jacket- Jeanswest

I'm super psyched to carry my new aldo bag. It's absolutely beautiful. :)) Tomorrow will be it's opening ceremony!
I needed a bag for school and the bag is everything I need. The size, the shape, the colour. I love love it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kat - Return of the guy

Guy was super nice to bring me back my luggage. He nearly missed the flight because of that. But I'm glad everything was fine in the end. He bought me 2 shoes (amazing looking ones) and 2 tank top dress all the way from Canberra. Super hearts. I love the prints on the dress.
I wore them immediately the next day after receiving it. It seems that I have a tendency to wear "new dirty" clothes as they have not been washed.

I'm super thankful to everyone that have added me as a favourite on chictopia! You guys are totally amazing. I can't believe I'm voted as one of the style icons. It's such an honor as there are tons and tons of gorgeous people on chictopia who literally just oozes style out. It never fails to make my day when I receive those super sweet and encouraging comments from everyone. Thank you for taking time to leave such nice and thoughtful comments. I read every single one of them and they definitely make me smile and giggle happily and crazily behind the computer screen.

The shoes were hurting my feet after an hour but I continued wearing it. I was rather proud of the fact that I survived in them for 5 hours.
Luckily, I bought my sandals along as I know my feet will be under torture. Always have a pair of sandals in your bag if you are wearing new or super high heels. They can be such live savers.

Love the prints of the dress! The accessories are all bought by guy in Aussie.

My gorgeous new shoes!! :)

We even saw Thaipusam on the way! Thaipusam is this Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (Jan/Feb).

The devotees marching the street. I feel so painful just watching them. All the needles piercing through the body. Amazing endurance and strength is needed to complete the walk.

A photo of us!

What's on me:
Printed dress- Supre
Black patent shoes- Zu
Black and gold bag- From bugis a couple of years ago.
Accessories- Diva

My other pair of shoe needs to be enlarged! I can't wear them. =(

Kat - Butters and belt

I got a new belt. And I'm putting it on immediately. Totally love the black and gold. Guess I'm so into black and gold these few days. Gold adds colour to an otherwise all black outfit. Love how the gold stands out giving it some edge.
I'm having this atrocious sore throat. How do you cure a sore throat? It's killing me. I can't speak.

Wearing my lace tights again. =)

What's on me:
Top: Supre
Ruffles skirt: Dotti
Belt: Forever 21
Lace tights: Target
Oversized clutch: Thrifted
5 inch shoes: Rubi
Gold necklaces: Diva

I love the new dress and shoes guy bought for me! Although one is a size too small. It's the cutting of the shoe. Think I'll need to enlarge it. Posting it soon. =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kat - Don't you just adore Swedes?

They have such impeccable dressing and amazing fashion style. It's like everyone was just born to look fabulous every single day.

Just look at these pictures:

I love her coat.

She makes orange copper hair so desirable.

And her fierce shoes!!

I love this hoodie outside blazer look.

And look at the guys,

He looks like he just stepped out of gossip girl!

And even the babies!

so adorable! the headphones are so cute on the baby.

(photo credits: the sartorialist)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kat - Inspiration

I wish that we have winter in Singapore and I could wear trench coats, gloves, leather jackets, layers and layers without looking silly .

And these are so awesome.
I need them.

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