Friday, September 26, 2008

Guy - Bringing a 2 hours of sleep face to Spartos

Last night I had Spartos, an event to commemorate all competitions our hall had for 2008, arts, sports, poker, so on. I missed part of the video presentation, in other words me and Kat missed out on seeing ourselves (we are interhall pool champs! so am I a Spartan?) on the big screen with everyone gathered. Luckily I got to see a replay of the video and saw what we missed. Missed nothing much though.

Went to the dinner with deprived sleep, in addition I still have a class test to study (which I hadn't ) and an assignment to complete that night. Therefore, reduction of alcohol consumption that night.

I finally waited for the day to use my new buys. The shirt I bought last year which I yet to wear and the new shoes I just bought from DFO. Love the shoes..

That's my haggard face, and I am becoming an anorexic. I lost 5 kg this year. Shit

Shoes($40), skinnies($20) from Dotti, belt($5) and shirt($10) from Roger David

The ladies ...

Boys favourite game.

Not a hell of a night, but I enjoyed using my friend's DSLR. I want to get one, it offers a world of beauty and entertainment packed inside, something I yet to afford.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kat - Ping pong aka table tennis finals!

I went for our inter-hall table tennis finals!
Everyone was so pumped up and cheering their lungs away.
Each rooting for it's own hall!
Our hall had won 1 singles, 1 doubles and lost the next single.
So, it was down to the final final singles set with our hall star player and the star player from other hall chasing each other neck in neck, point by point.
Our star was really calm and composed and he perform under the tremendous pressure.
It was then the moment where it’s a lose or a shot at the win (they both deuce earlier and player from the other hall was at match point).
Player from the other hall then smashed the ball after quite a long rally, it flew, hit the net and stopped for a moment on the net before it finally decided to fall on our side of the table.
Point lose. 12-10. We lost. Game over. Everyone was disappointed because it was really unlucky.
Quite an anti climatic end. I was hoping for some huge smashes though.
But our team still did great, so hooray for 2nd! =]

What's on me:
White camisole, black cotton on mini skirt, black tights, Rubi silver oxfords, grey grayce drappy cardigan, black beaded necklace.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kat - End of CT1 Exam

I finished my CT 1 exam. I didn't manage to get the credit grade required for actuarial exemption, so I had to sit for the external exam held by IAA. By that it means, I'm overloadinggggggggg!!! Therefore, I'm really glad it's over! I have been neglecting all the other subjects because of this exam. So now, I'll need to catch up. With all the deadlines of assignment sprinting up upon me too. =(

Guy went to "celebrate" with me after the exam. We went for lunch at IORI (this fantastic Japanese restaurant in Canberra Civic). I thought I should reward myself for slogging for the exam! haha! okie okie, it's an excuse to go out and have a good meal. We had the Tasmanian don which is made up of super fresh and yummy salmon sashimi on vinegar rice and also Oyaku Don which is extremely delicious as well. =]

here's what I wore today,

What's on me:
Dotti plaid shirt dress, black over the knee socks, Rubi black shoes, black beads and crystal rosary.

I'm wearing my previous DFO buys! I love the shoes! But it's a freaking 4.5 inch high which was really comfy originally. But after walking for 4 hours, oh my gosh, my feet hurts! Guess it's the weight that is placed on the feet. I wonder how to lessen the hurt? Maybe I should get some insole. haha!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guy - DFO adventure for the guy

Hello, yea I love the newly opened DFO in Fyshwick (must be wrong). It has many good shops and I need to warn you, if you are getting something which you might not be 100% sure, don't! Finish walking all the shops first because your adventure through the DFO might even lead you to bigger treasures! The more you walk the more you see! Therefore it is important you have good time management if it is your first time there.

Well, I bought some stuff and til now I am still very happy with all of it. Here are the things I got.

A bag! It used to cost $100, now its $10. Love it alot, it is durable and versatile. And has a lappie compartment!

I was only a wearing a t-shirt to the DFO in the chilly weather cause I hate to shop carrying a jacket on my hand. This jacket came at the right time! 12 bucks.

Loved the shoes, and I thought I need it when I work. Love this one cause it is on the sales section and the size fits me perfect. Love at first sight too. $40. Good aussie brand.

This sungless I bought for $90 down from $200 with 55% off. Been wanting one for a long time, and I know I will use it for as long as it can last. I hope it is really durable... There are many aviators out there, but this one has the right rim size and good lens angle for me. The best aviator I tried and I gonna work so that I am paying for it with my own money!

The reality is, I am already 25 :( and I gonna enter the working life in half year's time! Think I will stop buying all those clothings that I cannot wear to work. Sad life yea.. But most of the things I bought during from the DFO can be used in future!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kat - DFO shopping makes me happy.

yay! Went DFO with guy today! =)
It was great! My favourite store would be RUBI SHOES! They have great and up to trend shoe designs with great prices to match. Charcoal is also in my top list! I love every single clothing in there. From the dresses to the high waisted skirts and shorts to the jackets. I wanna buy the store down.
Steve Madden has fantastic designs but the price is on the higher end with each pair costing an average of AUD160. Being the poor college student, I decided against getting this pair of beautiful peep toe oxford slingback.
There are still like 1/5 of the shops which are not open, but I had fun shopping in the mere 3 hours that we were there! I went on a crazy shopping spree. Not really crazy to me, but I think to some people it would seem so.

I got from left to right: Dottie floral dress ( for spring), long grey cardigan, gold mini tube dress, black mini skirt, hollister pink top and dotti plaid shirt-dress.
I also got this Abercrombie and Fitch polo for my brother! Plus 3 new shoesss! yay!!
And I got some other stuff for my family as well! A tee for my dad and 1 dress and 1 top for my mum! Happy!

Guy bought a Calvin Klein Aviator shades. And he looks quite wonderful in it. On top of that, he also got a pair of gorgeous shoes, a bag and also a hoodie.

I have a exam this coming Tuesday and I still went out today. Gosh.
Pray hard I do well k! =]

Oh.. I saw the London Spring'09 RTW. I love the Temperley London Spring'09 collection.

Aren't they gorgeous? I like the way they paired the cloche hats with the outfit, instantly brightening the outfit up! The dresses also makes me go oooh and ahhh. They are girly yet not over doing it. I'm in love with the entire collection.
I need a hat like this.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kat - Mid Autumn Festival without the mooncake

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival! But I have no mooncake. I had planned on buying one, but the journey to Dickson again puts the idea off. Travelling 1.5 hours for 1 mooncake seems like a silly thing to do especially when I just went there 3 days ago??

But I did went out for dinner with some friends! The dinner was good. But I had dinner at the same restaurant 2 days earlier and so, food didn't taste as fantastic as it should be.

What's on me:
Black cut off giordano top, orange tube as skirt, brown bow hairclip, white supre tights, gold crocs ballet flats.

I'm gonna go admire the moon now! bye!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kat n Guy - Tiredness

Guy -

This entry is 3 days later than what I wanted to blog about, but ensured myself that I make an effort to contribute if not Kat will be lonely in the blog. We went to Dickson on Wednesday and on the way, we stopped along the lake to take some photos since bus rides are unlimited within the 1 and 1/2 hour time period. Dickson is a place in Canberra where many Asians get their well-missed Asian foods from.
This is the first bus-stop on our way to Dickson. It is the breeding season for ducks, and there are many mini ducks following their parents around now.

The mini ducks are heavily guard by their parents. This father is less fertile because I have seen a platoon of around 15 ducklings before! Haha I hope to kidnap one someday.

This is the 2nd bus stop, it's just outside the museum, and we will visit it one day. It has many weird looking structures, as well as a collection of the history of Australia. I have been there once before but I left halfway because of time constraint and thus missed out on the more exciting part.

The background of the picture is part of the museum.

The Cotton On cardigan was my love at first sight, and I only got it after awhile when it is on half price.
We proceeded to take more pictures around the lake within the 30 min time frame. It is not a very nice part of the lake, but it looks really peaceful if you go to the correct spot.

Arrived a Dickson 1 hour + later.

Left Dickson 1 hour + later with a whole lotta of food, around $50 worth. We made an amazing discovery in Dickson today. They have a thrift shop! Something me and Kat have been talking about, whether we can find it in Canberra. She went to ask the cashier about other outlets and the cashier mentioned that there are a few more of it here in Canberra! I cannot find any useful stuff there but we got ourselves each a Banana in Pyjamas softtoy for $6. ;)

I hope Kat will be able to find some treasures there the next time we go back like a Chanel vintage bag for 5 bucks!

Kat -

Haha! yah. I too hope that I can find great vintage bags. We should go scout for hidden buys in those vintage shops when we are free . The DFO (Direct factory outlet) in Canberra is open! Let's go together soon guy! =)

All the pictures are taken around the lake at the museum bus stop.

What's on me:
Mango top, dress from Sydney, pink casio calculator watch, red bag from Bangkok, crystal rosary.

Tomorrow is mid autumn festival! And I have no mooncake. Boo. I want one. With lanterns please.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kat - Tropic thunder

Me and guy caught a movie with our floor today. It's our floor party and woohoo tickets are paid for. The movie that we caught, tropic thunder was pretty good. The entertainment value is high with stars like ben stiller, tom cruise and mr iron man. The jokes are pretty funny too. The plot wasn't fantastic but I guess the humor kind of makes up for it. Weather is still freezing, and my heater spoilt. So, for the past few days I have been living in an igloo. It is that cold.

What's on me:
Ice bandage dress, pink gossip bling vest, black boots, black purse from melbourne.

I tried curling my hair, but the waves just kind of die down after awhile. Tomorrow I'm gonna go get food. =] And I want a mooncake. This Sunday is mid autumn festival, I know it doesn't mean much to some, well it didn't mean much to me before I came here too. But now, away from home, I miss the festive feel, the laughter, the joy of having your friends and family together eating a simple dish that is common back home but is deem as a rare commodity here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kat - 1st day of Spring

Hello Spring! Welcome to Canberra, it's been pretty cold the past few months. We are looking at like 1 degree everyday, so it's good to have you here! And I'm looking forward to all the flowy, flowery, spring designs!

Being the first day of Spring, I thought it wouldn't be cold. I was wrong. Temperature is still at an average of 6 degrees. I was late for class, (I woke up at 8.45am while my class is at 9) and had only 15 mins to prepare. When I stepped out, I regretted my decision of not wearing more. I didn't bother putting much makeup on my face as I was late.

What's on me:
Supre white top, White Cardigan, Black skirt from long ago, Supre checkered scarf, Target leggings and black boots.

My face is getting kind of bloated. I think it's due to my sugar consumption. I need to cut down on that.

And I saw this cute bicycle in our hall today.

It's quite cute isn't it? I wish I knew how to cycle, so I could get a vintage bike myself and ride around the campus. =(

Oh, and remember the screwed up paper that I talked about in the previous post?
I think 70% of the class failed. I failed too, but I'm at the median. LOL!

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