Saturday, January 31, 2009

kat - A super lengthy post ahead.

This is a super long post with about 10 outfit posts!

I know I've been a bad blogger totally neglecting my blog. In fact I've blogged more on chictopia than on Styleburst! But all that's gonna change. I'm gonna write more and update much more frequently here.

It's Chinese new year now, so to everybody, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!!! May this new year be fulfilling, be filled with happiness and joy as well as loads of money for shopping! haha.

I'm going to number all my outfits as the amount that I have and lagged behind is quite staggering. And combining them all into one saves me from posting more than 10 different posts. So, I hope you don't mind. I'll start off with my most recent outfit to the most back dated one.

Outfit 1:

What's on me:
Top: Target Australia

Skirt: Ice bandage tube dress fold down as skirt

Jacket: Sixties Inspired
Black Strappy
Shoes: Rubi

Bag: Vintage must de cartier

Pearl Chain Belt: Dug out from my room

This was what I wore yesterday to meet my bestie! We caught bride wars and I love love love it! The vera wang dress is TDF!
"You don't alter a vera wang to fit you, you alter yourself to fit a vera wang."

Outfit 2:

A casual outfit to school in the afternoon before meeting my bestie. I took off the jacket in the end. The weather here in Singapore doesn't really permits you to wear a jacket outside without you sweating like a pig.

What's on me:
Top: Bugis Village

Snake print pvc legging: Mink pink

Michael Jackson Jacket: Jeanswest

Studded sandles: Pebbles

Bag: My mom's

Outfit 3:

This was my Chinese new year outfit for Day 1!

What's Chinese new year without a family portrait?

And that's my little brother.

What's on me:
Purple dress: Juliet in Stilettos

Fish net tights
Gold and black wedges: Charles and Keith

Clutch: Gift from guy.

Oh! I must add that the dress was found by guy when we went shopping in Melbourne! I was trying on other dresses in the store and guy came really excited! He passed me this gorgeous dress, which is the last piece and in my size. The store was having a mega sale and the dress was slashed from $320 to $30!
And the Charles and Keith shoes were bought from the Expo sale in Singapore. I went after hearing about Stephie from Fashionation's mega score there! It was at $9!!!

Outfit 4:

I wore this for my reunion dinner. Haha. I wore it as you can't wear all black on the first day of lunar new year. I thought I should wear it just before the first day. I wanted a zipper top, so I thought I'll wear my zipper dress and add another skirt!

What's on me:
Zipper dress: Melbourne
High Waisted skirt: Supre
Shoes: Charles and Keith

Pearl Chain Belt: Dug out from my room

Outfit 5:

What's on me:
Checkered blazer: Salvation Army
Black dress: Kings and queens

5 inch gray heels: Canberra
Gold accessories: Diva

Outfit 6:

What's on me:
Purple dress: Vintage

White maryjane wedges: Charles and Keith

This is another pair of shoes that I scored from the Expo sale! It's also at $9.

Outfit 7:

Wore this when I went out with my mum and dad!

What's on me:
Dress: KL

Shoes: From Taiwan night market

Headband: Necklace from diva.

Outfit 8:

I did the shredded tee taught by camille! I am abit late I know. haha. Mine didn't turn out too well but I'm still pretty proud of myself!

What's on me:
Tee: DIY shredded tee

Jeans: New future

Bag: Mlbourne

Outfit 9:

What's on me:
Tunic: Chinatown

Ripped Sheer stocking: DIY

Oxfords: Zu
Bag: Melbourne

Outfit 10:

I wore these lace tights for the first time! And boy, were there many people pointing and laughing! But no matter, I love the prints of the tights.

What's on me:
Lace tights: Target Shoes:
Zu oxfords

Dress: Mum bought!

Nerds: Bro's

Outfit 11:

I wore this out shopping with mom! The best thing about shopping with my mom is that she pays for everything I buy. =]

What's on me:
Top: Bugis Street

Skirt: Thrifted

Belt: Vintage oroton
Shoes: Vinnci

Scarf: Took from luggage

Outfit 12:

What's on me:
Plaid Shirt: Roger Davids
Black Skirt: Cotton On

Studded Belt: Icon
Shoes: Rubi

Bag: Melbourne

Outfit 13:

What's on me:
Shirt: Cotton on
Lace tights: Jeanswest
Studded belt: Icon
5 inch shoes: Canberra
Studded bag: From long ago

Outfit 14:

What's on me:
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Vintage oroton
Bag: Vintage
Nerds: Bro's
Shoes: Zu peep toes oxfords

Thanks for staying all the way till here. This entry has been so so long!! But I'm glad I cleared everything and I'm up to date now! =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kat - Givenchy inspired.

I realized I need to get more shoes. Shoes are like my latest fetish. I didn't know I was so into shoes till I started this online blog fashion stalking.
I wish that we can wear those knee high boots in Singapore. But it's so hot and humid here I don't think I'll survive in those and not to mention those snide glares and fingers that people will throw you.
People with Winter, I HATE YOU!! You guys get to wear those ridiculously gorgeous 5 inches boots.

I bought the shirt wanting it to be a dress but who knows it'll shrink after washing. It might be acceptable to some, but I hate showing the crotch when in leggings. Leggings are not pants. So I had to pull on this pair of white shorts. I was in my leather looking tights but it was so hot I had to change them to this.

What's on me:
Top: Cotton on
Leggings: Minkpink
Shoes: Zu peep toe oxfords
Bag: Vintage
Accessories: Everywhere

I'm looking forward to guy's short holidays back here in Feb and Chinese New Year which is in late Jan. =]

Kat - Thesis and a no life.

I hate school. I mean I love school with the friends and activities but I hate all the work. School is starting next Monday for me.
And I guess I'll be thesising and thesising and still thesising for the next 3 months to come. A 40 page thesis and I have yet to start. Or should I say I have yet to even settle on a topic with the objectives.
On top of that throw me 3 more core modules. This semester is sure gonna be loads of fun, I kid you not. I'll probably be in the library and mugging my way every weekday till 10pm and every weekend I'll be at home with my nose buried behind the book or the laptop. Gosh. What's a life with no life?
If only school was all about dressing nice and looking good and having fun.

I haven't been blogging so these are 2 outfits which I wore over the past week.

I wore this to a wedding, and knowing all black isn't really acceptable for wedding I added a touch of gray!

That's a really really old painting in my house. Guy is not here anymore and so I'm having a little difficulty in finding a fab photographer!

What's on me:
Top- Mango
Ruffles skirt- Dotti
Wedges- Charles and Keith
Bag- Vintage
Cardigan- Grayce
Accessories- Everywhere

And this was what I wore to town with my mum. And I tried tying my hair. I should learn to do the boho plaids. I love those, but are they still in trend?

I'm not sure if you can see from the picture but I'm wearing this really cute vintage cat badge. I'll take a close up of it the next time!

What's on me:
Top: Old navy tank top
Skirt: Bugis Village
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: Self customized
Bag: Vintage must de Cartier
Accessories: Everywhere

This coming new year spells changes and more to come. I'm not really looking forward to it as it means my last semester in school and off to the hectic backstabbing corporate ladder climbing worklife.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kat - Love it

I love love love everything here.
I love the zipper leather skirt. I love the way she added a scarf. I love how she looked so fierce yet all feminine.
Isn't this gorgeous?

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