Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guy - Both good and bad day

Today was the first time since very long I slept before the sun came up! That is why I have more mood to wear my contact lenses and feel better by wearing nicer. Well that's my opinion of nicer :)

Whats on me : Ocean Pacific Jacket, Westco Tee, Dotti Jeans, Novo Shoes, Korean cap, Roger David belt.

Well bad day mainly because of a small test I expected to get full marks I only got alittle more than half. -_-. Before that I sat for another test of the same subject and couldn't do. After some cursing, God felt pity for my soul and made the rest of my day a better one. Thanks God.

Good things are I played a happy game of table tennis, got full marks for another of my class test, acted less anti-social during meals, and found out that our ball pictures actually looked quite good! We are eager to post them just that we need to obtain the proffesional shots first. I hope they looked nicer when enlarged cause all we could see are only the pictures in the smallest neo print sizes.

O another thing that made my day was some website which I got a picture from, and the best part is many people got funny reactions from it. LOL. I am genuinely still laughing at it now even though it is already 5.42 am. Yes, it is another sleepless night. Heres the picture!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kat - Fighting the hidden dragon

Guess we haven't really been updating. Both of us have been busy with our mid sem exams and didn't have the time to blog. I just had one test yesterday and it was totally screwed. To make up for it, me and guy went out today! =)

What's on me:
Dress as top from Bugis Street, Supre black Skirt, Coach wine bag, Speedy Rhino black shoes.

I wanted to mosaic my face but have no idea how. Guy is busy studying for his 4 mid sem next week. So I better not disturb him! I'm sure he'll make it up next week by posting tons of pictures!

What we saw and had today. We had the combination roast platter and fried rice, not the guinea pig.

See you next week!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kat - blue was the theme.

The 4 hours of sleep last night left me pretty grumpy about lots of issues. Being stuck in a foreign land makes me miss asian food more and appreciate the times where some friends and I will just head down to a decent Chinese restaurant.

Went for a semi-formal dinner and decided to put on this dress that I bought for 4 months but never got around wearing.

Didn't feel like showing my face yet so I airbrush my face using paint. haha.

That's taken in my college, the place that I'm staying in. I guess most of my pictures will be taken in front of these brick walls, unless GUY helps me take some when we go out.

What's on me:
Ellesworld blue dress, charles and keith shoes, thailand bangle and glowstick given by friends for the dinner.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kat n Guy - Holla!!

Guy -

Hi all! This is blog is created for Singaporeans by Singaporeans hopefully to showcase our quite normal Singaporean lifestyles. We are currently studying in Canberra(well abit less normal, sry). We were browsing through blogs of Singaporeans (cause we miss home) and felt that we have sucked in less than enough new blog entries, so we decided to come out with a blog ourselves, hopefully to contribute to the world of blogs for those like us. Of course, we will study hard too...hehe

Our blog style will be similar to many, we will mainly showcase what we wear ( our interest ) and abit on our lives. Words in light blue are mine ( I am a male ) and pink are hers..

Kat -

Well, actually, I think he have said all the important points. =) This is our first attempt to be a fashion blog. The main idea, I guess, is for us to have fun blogging on what we wear most of the time, our bargains and buys and a little of our lives, and hope that people reading our entries enjoy reading them too.

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