Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kat - Thesis and a no life.

I hate school. I mean I love school with the friends and activities but I hate all the work. School is starting next Monday for me.
And I guess I'll be thesising and thesising and still thesising for the next 3 months to come. A 40 page thesis and I have yet to start. Or should I say I have yet to even settle on a topic with the objectives.
On top of that throw me 3 more core modules. This semester is sure gonna be loads of fun, I kid you not. I'll probably be in the library and mugging my way every weekday till 10pm and every weekend I'll be at home with my nose buried behind the book or the laptop. Gosh. What's a life with no life?
If only school was all about dressing nice and looking good and having fun.

I haven't been blogging so these are 2 outfits which I wore over the past week.

I wore this to a wedding, and knowing all black isn't really acceptable for wedding I added a touch of gray!

That's a really really old painting in my house. Guy is not here anymore and so I'm having a little difficulty in finding a fab photographer!

What's on me:
Top- Mango
Ruffles skirt- Dotti
Wedges- Charles and Keith
Bag- Vintage
Cardigan- Grayce
Accessories- Everywhere

And this was what I wore to town with my mum. And I tried tying my hair. I should learn to do the boho plaids. I love those, but are they still in trend?

I'm not sure if you can see from the picture but I'm wearing this really cute vintage cat badge. I'll take a close up of it the next time!

What's on me:
Top: Old navy tank top
Skirt: Bugis Village
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: Self customized
Bag: Vintage must de Cartier
Accessories: Everywhere

This coming new year spells changes and more to come. I'm not really looking forward to it as it means my last semester in school and off to the hectic backstabbing corporate ladder climbing worklife.


Lawrence Yu said...

dont think ppl will backstab you as you are too sweet. your worklife may consist of strangers puting roses on your desk everyday!

Rachie-Pie said...

I no how u feel about school!! Im at Uni..and I havea huggeee thesis...and 3 other modules tooo!!we will get thru it!

styleburst said...

yes hun!!
We are like totally in the same boat, but I'm sure we will get through it!!


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