Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kat - Valley girls

Casual outfit out with my mum for shopping. I didn't buy much stuff. :( But I got 2 bangles that I'm pretty psyched about. I'm into oversized tees these few days. They are like all that I've been wearing.

What I wore:

DIY F21 oversized top, DIY bandage skirt, Coach Bag, DIY black rose hairpin.

I did some personal touches to the shirt! I kinda like the way it turned out. And it's really simple too. All you need is a pair of scissors. That's it. And start cutting away!! And it's really suitable for such a hot and humid country like Singapore. You get more air. LOL.

I just finish downloading gossip girl. Gonna watch it before I hit the sacks. I'm pretty slow I know. And I'm sad that it's the season finale next week. Hope that the ending would be superb and thrilling.

Hearts a mess by Goyte is really nice. Listen to it. :)



Mariona said...

wowwwwwwwwwww, i love your amazing look and you are so beautiful, looks great !!!! kisses from bcn I put your blog in my "style around" favourites, a muaaaaaaaa

Allie said...

Love the back of the shirt! Great touch, very creative. Beautiful photos :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome outfit. The tee is totally wicked.

christelle said...

Thanks for your comment!!! i love your blog!!!!!!! you are so pretty!!! Xo xo!!!!

Kathy said...

lovely outfit and awesome tee sweetie!

Luna Supernova said...

i adore that top and what you've done to the back of it, it looks fantastic!

Wanderlusting said...

That's awesome - looks more professional than DIY!

Miann said...

You should get the agent99 oversized tee/dress from General Pants (if they have one there)

It's my latest filthy cheap obsession.

Thank you for your comments!!

maggie said...

i love the back of your DIY shirt! you did a great job on it. and that's total inspiration for me to actually do DIYs again... haha. :D

Hanh said...

you are beautiful girl. love your work on the tee. good luck!

Hayley said...

I love the DIY tee - it looks great on you.
Thank you for my comment!


shahzadsk said...

heart's a mess is a great song :) actually "chillout sessions 9" isn't half bad for an album :)

how's the hols huiling?

Marie-Louise said...

ohh the rips are awsome!! :)

catwithaxeofd00m said...

the back looks really cool

Kirke said...


Marianne said...

Great outfit and I'm also in love with the post-editing of the photos!

styleburst said...

Mariona: Hey dear!! Thank you so much!! You look fabulous in every photo. I added you in my "lovelies" list! xoxo

Allie: Thanks hun!! I'm glad you like the photos.

The Clothes Horses: Thanks dear!! It's really nice to have your comment. :) xox

Christelle: Thank you so so much! xoxo

Kathy: Thank you babe!! xox

Luna Supernova: Thanks dear! I'm glad the shirt came out okay!! :)

Wanderlusting: That's such a huge compliment!! Thank you dear! xoxox

Miann: I love agent99 and general pants co!! But I'm no longer in aussie!! Boo... and so I cant get it anymore!! :(

maggie: Thank you dear!! I suck at DIY too, lucky this was an easy one!! I'm excited to see what you come what with babe!! xo

Hanh: Thanks dear!! You too! xox

Hayley: Thankk you so much!! I'm really glad you like the tee! :)

Shaz: I'M JOBLESS!! ahahaha! But kinda enjoy the freedom! You abt you? What are you up to? And oh! thanks for the recommendation. I'll go check it out. :)

Marie-Louise: Thanks dear! I love rips!!xox

Catwithaxeofd00m: Thank you babe!! xoxo

Kirke: Thanks love! :) xox

Marianne: Thank you sweet! I'm glad you like the photos effect. I'm still a newbie at these editing stuff. :)

Lola-Elise said...

god thats some impressive style indeed!


TheMinx said...

I lovee your style girl! The outfit is fab and the side ponytail is the perfect touch. I'll definitely visit again :)

Merily said...

Love those shots and this tee is AMAZING!

STARR said...

soo pretty. I love the accessories and your hair <3

Kathy said...

Thank you for linking my blog, I add yours to my "Check out these blogs" list

Yuka said...

so cute! i really like the tee!

lucille said...

Woo i love your Tshirt !

loft in soho said...

OMG!!!!!!!I love your outfits dear!, you look amazing in all of them,


shahzadsk said...

we're all jobless haha..

if you have trouble finding the album, let me know :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful outfit. the personal touches you added to the back of the shirt are wonderful! if the humidity in singapore is anything like the humidity in hong kong, i DEFINITELY understand your need for the extra air :-)

maggie said...

awww thank you! i'm going to go add you to my blogroll now! haha.

Raquel said...

you look great!!


I love your style! This skirt is so sexy!!!

Kisses and hugs!


Flora said...

OOFTT... I love what you did with the t-shirt.

Lola-Elise said...

aaw thankyou :)
i will return the favour, your on my list now too..


Bella said...

Killer combination... damn, the shirt is HOT! xxx

styleburst said...

Lola-Elise: Thank you so much love. xo

The minx: Thank you babe. I was thinking if I should tie a side ponytail and decided to just go along with it. Glad it looks alright. :)

Merily: Thank you so much dear.

Starr: Thank you. I love your blog and style. you are such an inspiration. xxo

Kathy: Thank you hun. loves.

Yuka: Thank you so much. xox

Lucille: Thank you. Glad you like the tee too. :)

Loft in soho: Thank you so much dear. xox

Emmy: Oh yesh. I think Singapore is more humid than hongkong. :( And it is so hot here. It's summer all year round. Ultimate sadness.

Maggie: Thank you love. :)

Raquel: Thank you dear :)

Kira-Fashion: Thank you kira. you're amazing. xx

Flora: Thank you dear. Glad it turn out alright. :)

Bella: Thanks babe. You're gorgeous. xo


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