Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kat - After exams and moving out

Who would have known that after my exams it'll still be so hectic? It's even more stressful than during the exams. The packing of stuff, the sending back, the arguing with some bast**d who works in the Canberra pack and send, the moving to a new place, the cleaning up and the settling in.

Gosh! It's all busy busy go go go.

After my exams ended, I had only 3 days to pack and send everything that I want back home. If you are wondering, I'm going back Singapore to complete my degree. Therefore, the need to send all my stuff back. The manager who happens to also be the only guy that works in the civic pack and send just sucks. I'm not gonna bore you with the details of what the guy did and this is also a fashion blog, as well as a happy one, so I'm gonna rant and rant and curse him on my personal blog later! Anyway, I sent 4 boxes back home. Pardon the no makeup face these few days as everyday was really busy and hectic!

What's on me:
Jimi hendrix top, cotton on leopard leggings($1), Dotti jeans jacket, vintage bag.

That's my 4 boxes of stuff back home. They cost 400AUD! I've pretty much pack all my clothes in, so I'm like left with those clothes that I don't really like and I haven really worn yet.

I also had dinner with several friends at Happys! Chinese food is really good. =]

What's on me:
Huge black bag ($5), cotton on workers shorts, black tights.

I love the black bag! It's really big and handy! I can throw literally everything in. Hoho!

I spent the last day in my hall taking pictures! It was kinda last minute. The whole hall was so empty. There were like ten people left? Eerieee!

The weather in Canberra has been crazy. It's supposed to be summer but temperature here in the day is like 6 degrees? The white jacket that I had on me, I had originally planned to give it to the salvation army. I dug that out to wear as I have packed every single warm clothing that I owned in those 4 boxes. I thought you wouldn't need a jacket in summer! And in Australia at that. But it's so cold these few days. Murphy's Law. hurhur.

I shifted into my friend's house 3 days ago? The location is really great. 15 mins walk to the city centre and 10 min bus ride to the Chinatown in Canberra. The house is really big and the rent is great. The only bad point is that it's a little run down and old.

What's on me:
DIY black distressed stir up leggings, white tights, bandage dress, dotti jeans jacket, Zu peep toe oxfords, huge bag, vintage necklace.

What's on me:
Long tank from taiwan, cotton on blue cardigan, studded belt, vintage bag.

I need a job! LOL! and I've been cooking since I moved to my friend's place. I have to say I'm quite the cook! I had fried rice today and I made spicy honey baked chicken thighs yesterday. Grocery shopping like everyday. haha. =]

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