Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kat - Hooray for end of exams! =]

I just finished my exams yesterday. 3 cheerss!
It was such a long journey, but I'm glad it's over. Some of the exam were fine, and some weren't as good as I hoped it'll be. But what's done is done, I can just hope that the results will be satisfactory.

One thing for sure that happens during exam. I just get fatter and fatter. You wake up in the morning at 8? Have breakfast, come up into your tiny little room and start studying. You go down for lunch at 12.30pm and then at maybe 2, you start studying again. At 3, you have a teabreak because the hall serves "stress food" to all residents during exams. So what is stress food? It's pastries, cookies, scones, muffins, basically all that makes you fat. At around 6pm, you have dinner. At 8pm you start studying again. And maybe at 1am, you feel hungrie and cook some instant noodles. And you take a break from studying as you eat. You sleep at maybe 3 to 4 am? The cycle repeats itself the next day.
WHEN YOU STUDY ALL YOU DO IS SIT ON YOUR CHAIR IN THE ROOM NOT MOVING A SINGLE METRE. gosh. Plus all the coffee, chocolates, lollies, chips. What have you, all these are your best friends. haha.

So now, let me take you through a journey of me - getting fat. (please note that this does not happens to guy. In fact he lost weight. I have no idea how. His metabolism is astonishing. And i hate him for that. IDIOT!)

1st outfit

This was what I wore for my last week of school.

What's on me:
Skull tanktop, lame leggings, ZU gladiator heels, vintage bag.

I don't think you can see from the photo, but the bag is mini. haha!

2nd outfit

I wore this for some international farewell thingy held by my college. This is done half yearly to like send off the internationals that will be leaving at the end of the semester. And my heels, they are 5 inches high. My highest ever. I cannot wear them. LOL. I kinda like trip all over.

What's on me:
Supre black skirt, tie rack scarf, 5 inches high grey heels, must de cartier vintage bag.

3rd outfit
This was what I wore to my first day of exam. Guy had this shirt that he didn't want so I took it and cut off the sleeves and the collar!! AND THE GIRL IS NOT ME! Lol. Isn't it a little creepy, that girl's face? I thought it looks that way.

What's on me:
Thrifted blazer, guy's unwanted yellow creepy girl top, rubi black strappy shoes with socks and my first thrifted bag.

4th ouftit

I tied a little scarf to make this bow. haha!

What's on me:
Dress from Sydney($10), Rubi cut off oxfords, bag was a present from guy and my black scarf.

5th outfit

My third exam paper. And I went for a dinner and karaoke session after that. It was kinda like a mini farewell party for me. The guys were really sweet and they even had a cake! haha.

In case you don't know, that's guy in the colour strip tee. =)

What's on me:
Cotton on man's top, skirt, studded belt, bag from guy, Zu gladiator bronze heels.

6th outfit

It's getting abit obvious here that I put on weight. This is my final exam. 3 weeks of not going out and just stuck in my room studying.

What's on me:
Top gotten from bestie <3!, jayjays high waisted skirt, target shoes ($3), must de cartier vintage bag.

7th outfit
This was what I wore when I went out earlier today for shopping and girls night out. I had pasta, and it was good. Both the company and the food! =)

Those are my new pair of heels! I know I'm abit slow in getting the oxfords, but woohoo I love them. They are absolutely yummy to me. haha! I went DFO earlier today and I bought 2 bags for school. They are big, so that's a plus point. n_n

What's on me:
ZU peep toe black patent oxfords, blue tube dress from night market, cardigan white($10) and coach bag.

I'm gonna go catch some sleep now! So tired! and yes, obviosuly I know I put on weight. Hopefully I can shed those ugly fats off. Off my cheeks, off my back, off my hips, off my thighs. haha.

Hope you had a great day. loves. And oh, I just caught gossip girl. WTF is wrong with jenny? I hate how she is now. Gosh. And that rose guy, I like to date many people at the same time. Eewwww.

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