Friday, November 21, 2008

kat - Celebration dinner

It's a post guy's birthday dinner celebration! We didn't really have one as were having our exams during his birthday week. The dinner was so good. I had like one of the best dinner here! We went for a tim sum buffet. Sweet. I love yumcha.

Buying our tickets to the new bond movie. The show disappoints. It's so not convincing and the bad guy fights like a girl.

The food! yum!!
guy enjoying his mango pudding.


I folded the receipt into 2 hearts. =]

The last photo before heading over to the cinemas.

What's on me:
BYSI lace top, dotti ruffles skirt, Zu peep toe oxfords, cotton on blue cardigan, vintage clutch, accessories from here and there.

There was a long queue even before the movie started. It's free seating in aussie, so it's a first come first serve basis. My friends reached an hour before the movie started and they said there was already a long queue.

I packing up all my stuff to send them back home. Packing is such a pain the the arse.

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