Monday, March 16, 2009

kat - Distressed and desetroyed

I finally took the time off to diy my jeans. I bleached them and ran a pen knife through them. I don't know what bleach my mum has at home but I am pretty sure it is a weak weak bleach. The amount of time I left my jeans in the bleach just to see a substantial amount of acid wash effect is 12 hours. I've read many fashion blogs cautioning those bleaching to not put in the bleach with the jeans for too long.
The first time I left it for half an hour in total and I washed the jeans.
The second time, I decided that I should be smart and leave it overnight. Thankfully the bleach soak in.
I am really impatient I guess, I didn't have sandpaper at home and the idea of going several miles away just to get them didn't appeal to me. So, I went rampaging my room for the penknife. And I just slide it through the jeans cutting as many holes as I wish. I have so much happiness and glee in destroying them.
The result wasn't what I had expected, but still, I'm rather pleased with it as I do not possess much talent in DIY or making stuff you know.

So here, my "proud" piece of work:

What's on me:
Distressed jeans - DIYed
Gray tank - Brother's
Gray wedges - Charles and Keith
Bag - Melbourne
Rosary - Gift from guy


Alice Point said...

Great blog! You are pretty girl with lovely style! :)

irene said...

the jeans look great! but they didn't seem to be heavily bleached, which i think can be overboard at times. yours is just nice :)

Anonymous said...

so cute! Great blog!

AnnA said...

i like the outcome of the jeans. but it should been soaked more longer.

i love the shoes too.

Merily said...

i LOVE those jeans!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Love this look! Cute and Relaxed--I may have to jack your swag on this one! Hot look and nice blog!

tis serendipity said...

Woo I'm loving this DIY!! Bleaching black jeans is a great idea. The end colors are really nice. =)

Kira Fashion said...

You looks so cool!
You are really beautiful!

a kiss for you girl!

Anonymous said...

babe, its sacrilegious using the rosary as a fashion item....


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