Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kat - New hairdo

I got my fringe trimmed into bangs. I did it a week ago and I'm slowly accustoming to the hair.
Went out with my family for some food hunting-a national hobby for Singaporeans.

Wore my new cape jacket. Love how light and comfortable it is. Wonderful for enduring the cold air from shopping centres and yet not too hot for Singapore weather.

and here's my face with the new hair. haha

What's on me:
Black Velvet top: Red
Skirt: Randomly found
Belt: Thrifted
Bag: Vintage Carlo Rino
Shoes: Betts
Necklace: Icon


AnnA said...

wohooo! i love the new hair. :)

tis serendipity said...

Those bangs look great on you! =) You've got such nice straight hair.

Really love those shoes! It's a great outfit you have on. And a good cape is always a great investment. Wish we could wear blazers more often in S'pore though. Cardigans and jackets are just the default overwear over here which gets kinda boring after awhile.

harps said...

you're too cute! love the cape. thanks for commenting on my blog, I'll be visiting here again! Jess from


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