Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kat n Guy - Holla!!

Guy -

Hi all! This is blog is created for Singaporeans by Singaporeans hopefully to showcase our quite normal Singaporean lifestyles. We are currently studying in Canberra(well abit less normal, sry). We were browsing through blogs of Singaporeans (cause we miss home) and felt that we have sucked in less than enough new blog entries, so we decided to come out with a blog ourselves, hopefully to contribute to the world of blogs for those like us. Of course, we will study hard too...hehe

Our blog style will be similar to many, we will mainly showcase what we wear ( our interest ) and abit on our lives. Words in light blue are mine ( I am a male ) and pink are hers..

Kat -

Well, actually, I think he have said all the important points. =) This is our first attempt to be a fashion blog. The main idea, I guess, is for us to have fun blogging on what we wear most of the time, our bargains and buys and a little of our lives, and hope that people reading our entries enjoy reading them too.

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