Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kat - blue was the theme.

The 4 hours of sleep last night left me pretty grumpy about lots of issues. Being stuck in a foreign land makes me miss asian food more and appreciate the times where some friends and I will just head down to a decent Chinese restaurant.

Went for a semi-formal dinner and decided to put on this dress that I bought for 4 months but never got around wearing.

Didn't feel like showing my face yet so I airbrush my face using paint. haha.

That's taken in my college, the place that I'm staying in. I guess most of my pictures will be taken in front of these brick walls, unless GUY helps me take some when we go out.

What's on me:
Ellesworld blue dress, charles and keith shoes, thailand bangle and glowstick given by friends for the dinner.

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