Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guy - Both good and bad day

Today was the first time since very long I slept before the sun came up! That is why I have more mood to wear my contact lenses and feel better by wearing nicer. Well that's my opinion of nicer :)

Whats on me : Ocean Pacific Jacket, Westco Tee, Dotti Jeans, Novo Shoes, Korean cap, Roger David belt.

Well bad day mainly because of a small test I expected to get full marks I only got alittle more than half. -_-. Before that I sat for another test of the same subject and couldn't do. After some cursing, God felt pity for my soul and made the rest of my day a better one. Thanks God.

Good things are I played a happy game of table tennis, got full marks for another of my class test, acted less anti-social during meals, and found out that our ball pictures actually looked quite good! We are eager to post them just that we need to obtain the proffesional shots first. I hope they looked nicer when enlarged cause all we could see are only the pictures in the smallest neo print sizes.

O another thing that made my day was some website which I got a picture from, and the best part is many people got funny reactions from it. LOL. I am genuinely still laughing at it now even though it is already 5.42 am. Yes, it is another sleepless night. Heres the picture!

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