Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kat - Fighting the hidden dragon

Guess we haven't really been updating. Both of us have been busy with our mid sem exams and didn't have the time to blog. I just had one test yesterday and it was totally screwed. To make up for it, me and guy went out today! =)

What's on me:
Dress as top from Bugis Street, Supre black Skirt, Coach wine bag, Speedy Rhino black shoes.

I wanted to mosaic my face but have no idea how. Guy is busy studying for his 4 mid sem next week. So I better not disturb him! I'm sure he'll make it up next week by posting tons of pictures!

What we saw and had today. We had the combination roast platter and fried rice, not the guinea pig.

See you next week!

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