Friday, October 31, 2008

Kat - Guy's surprise

Hoho! I gave guy a surprise party yesterday!
The cake was fab, the company was great. Admist the busy studying, everyone took time out to give guy a pre birthday celebration!
His birthday is next sunday, but as we have exams starting next week, I decided to throw him an advance birthday celebration!

He was really happy and surprise! We got him voucher and this awesome book that I made containing everyone's well wishes. =]

We got 2 cakes for him. White raspberry cheesecake and chocolate. YUM!
The book that I made with everyone! ^^

Thanks everyone that came down and made guy really happy! Our group photo!

Oh, and here's what I wore today.
My mum bought this dress for me like 4 years ago. Coolest mum ever. And I'm still wearing it now! WAHAHAHA!

What's on me:

blue tights from taiwan, silver flats, mum bought me this dress, vintage necklace.

back to studying!

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