Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kat - Butters and belt

I got a new belt. And I'm putting it on immediately. Totally love the black and gold. Guess I'm so into black and gold these few days. Gold adds colour to an otherwise all black outfit. Love how the gold stands out giving it some edge.
I'm having this atrocious sore throat. How do you cure a sore throat? It's killing me. I can't speak.

Wearing my lace tights again. =)

What's on me:
Top: Supre
Ruffles skirt: Dotti
Belt: Forever 21
Lace tights: Target
Oversized clutch: Thrifted
5 inch shoes: Rubi
Gold necklaces: Diva

I love the new dress and shoes guy bought for me! Although one is a size too small. It's the cutting of the shoe. Think I'll need to enlarge it. Posting it soon. =)


irene said...

i love the combination of black and gold. black is always timeless and gold adds a touch of glam. i love your lace tights!! i can't seem to find any nice ones over here in nz :'(

drink honey water (1tbsp honey + hot water) or put honey in your tea. that always helps me when i have a sore throat. get well soon :)

styleburst said...

thanks dear!! I'll try that out! =))
Oh!! I searched really long for those lace tights too! But thankfully I found them in target. Hope you'll find some really gorgeous ones soon.


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