Thursday, February 19, 2009

kat - Monochrome meet colors

It's my mid term break next week! 6 weeks of school has gone by so quickly!!
In a monochrome mood today so I donned on my new cardigan. I love the oversize feel of the cardigan.

Love the patterns on my tights!

Taking pictures outside the huge nike store!

geeky face!

And here's guy with ronaldo!

I am so bad at taking pictures, it all comes out blurry and ugly ugly. =( But he still looks amazing to me.

The night view of Marina promenade capture by my hp.

What's on me:
Oversized cardigan- Song and Song
Blue stripped top- Abercrombie and Fitch
Skirt- From long ago
Tights- May fashion
Peep toe oxfords- Zu
Sash tie- DIY
Bag- Melbourne
Geeks- Bro's


lottiegee. said...

I love the background in the 3rd picture.
I love the whole picture its so cute :)

Melissa said...

hi, i'm just wondering - where do you do most of your vintage shopping?

i had a look through some of your past posts and you've managed to pick up some great vintage finds!

do you go to the bus depot markets?


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