Monday, September 1, 2008

Kat - 1st day of Spring

Hello Spring! Welcome to Canberra, it's been pretty cold the past few months. We are looking at like 1 degree everyday, so it's good to have you here! And I'm looking forward to all the flowy, flowery, spring designs!

Being the first day of Spring, I thought it wouldn't be cold. I was wrong. Temperature is still at an average of 6 degrees. I was late for class, (I woke up at 8.45am while my class is at 9) and had only 15 mins to prepare. When I stepped out, I regretted my decision of not wearing more. I didn't bother putting much makeup on my face as I was late.

What's on me:
Supre white top, White Cardigan, Black skirt from long ago, Supre checkered scarf, Target leggings and black boots.

My face is getting kind of bloated. I think it's due to my sugar consumption. I need to cut down on that.

And I saw this cute bicycle in our hall today.

It's quite cute isn't it? I wish I knew how to cycle, so I could get a vintage bike myself and ride around the campus. =(

Oh, and remember the screwed up paper that I talked about in the previous post?
I think 70% of the class failed. I failed too, but I'm at the median. LOL!

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