Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guy - DFO adventure for the guy

Hello, yea I love the newly opened DFO in Fyshwick (must be wrong). It has many good shops and I need to warn you, if you are getting something which you might not be 100% sure, don't! Finish walking all the shops first because your adventure through the DFO might even lead you to bigger treasures! The more you walk the more you see! Therefore it is important you have good time management if it is your first time there.

Well, I bought some stuff and til now I am still very happy with all of it. Here are the things I got.

A bag! It used to cost $100, now its $10. Love it alot, it is durable and versatile. And has a lappie compartment!

I was only a wearing a t-shirt to the DFO in the chilly weather cause I hate to shop carrying a jacket on my hand. This jacket came at the right time! 12 bucks.

Loved the shoes, and I thought I need it when I work. Love this one cause it is on the sales section and the size fits me perfect. Love at first sight too. $40. Good aussie brand.

This sungless I bought for $90 down from $200 with 55% off. Been wanting one for a long time, and I know I will use it for as long as it can last. I hope it is really durable... There are many aviators out there, but this one has the right rim size and good lens angle for me. The best aviator I tried and I gonna work so that I am paying for it with my own money!

The reality is, I am already 25 :( and I gonna enter the working life in half year's time! Think I will stop buying all those clothings that I cannot wear to work. Sad life yea.. But most of the things I bought during from the DFO can be used in future!

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