Friday, September 19, 2008

Kat - DFO shopping makes me happy.

yay! Went DFO with guy today! =)
It was great! My favourite store would be RUBI SHOES! They have great and up to trend shoe designs with great prices to match. Charcoal is also in my top list! I love every single clothing in there. From the dresses to the high waisted skirts and shorts to the jackets. I wanna buy the store down.
Steve Madden has fantastic designs but the price is on the higher end with each pair costing an average of AUD160. Being the poor college student, I decided against getting this pair of beautiful peep toe oxford slingback.
There are still like 1/5 of the shops which are not open, but I had fun shopping in the mere 3 hours that we were there! I went on a crazy shopping spree. Not really crazy to me, but I think to some people it would seem so.

I got from left to right: Dottie floral dress ( for spring), long grey cardigan, gold mini tube dress, black mini skirt, hollister pink top and dotti plaid shirt-dress.
I also got this Abercrombie and Fitch polo for my brother! Plus 3 new shoesss! yay!!
And I got some other stuff for my family as well! A tee for my dad and 1 dress and 1 top for my mum! Happy!

Guy bought a Calvin Klein Aviator shades. And he looks quite wonderful in it. On top of that, he also got a pair of gorgeous shoes, a bag and also a hoodie.

I have a exam this coming Tuesday and I still went out today. Gosh.
Pray hard I do well k! =]

Oh.. I saw the London Spring'09 RTW. I love the Temperley London Spring'09 collection.

Aren't they gorgeous? I like the way they paired the cloche hats with the outfit, instantly brightening the outfit up! The dresses also makes me go oooh and ahhh. They are girly yet not over doing it. I'm in love with the entire collection.
I need a hat like this.

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