Friday, September 26, 2008

Guy - Bringing a 2 hours of sleep face to Spartos

Last night I had Spartos, an event to commemorate all competitions our hall had for 2008, arts, sports, poker, so on. I missed part of the video presentation, in other words me and Kat missed out on seeing ourselves (we are interhall pool champs! so am I a Spartan?) on the big screen with everyone gathered. Luckily I got to see a replay of the video and saw what we missed. Missed nothing much though.

Went to the dinner with deprived sleep, in addition I still have a class test to study (which I hadn't ) and an assignment to complete that night. Therefore, reduction of alcohol consumption that night.

I finally waited for the day to use my new buys. The shirt I bought last year which I yet to wear and the new shoes I just bought from DFO. Love the shoes..

That's my haggard face, and I am becoming an anorexic. I lost 5 kg this year. Shit

Shoes($40), skinnies($20) from Dotti, belt($5) and shirt($10) from Roger David

The ladies ...

Boys favourite game.

Not a hell of a night, but I enjoyed using my friend's DSLR. I want to get one, it offers a world of beauty and entertainment packed inside, something I yet to afford.


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