Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kat n Guy - Tiredness

Guy -

This entry is 3 days later than what I wanted to blog about, but ensured myself that I make an effort to contribute if not Kat will be lonely in the blog. We went to Dickson on Wednesday and on the way, we stopped along the lake to take some photos since bus rides are unlimited within the 1 and 1/2 hour time period. Dickson is a place in Canberra where many Asians get their well-missed Asian foods from.
This is the first bus-stop on our way to Dickson. It is the breeding season for ducks, and there are many mini ducks following their parents around now.

The mini ducks are heavily guard by their parents. This father is less fertile because I have seen a platoon of around 15 ducklings before! Haha I hope to kidnap one someday.

This is the 2nd bus stop, it's just outside the museum, and we will visit it one day. It has many weird looking structures, as well as a collection of the history of Australia. I have been there once before but I left halfway because of time constraint and thus missed out on the more exciting part.

The background of the picture is part of the museum.

The Cotton On cardigan was my love at first sight, and I only got it after awhile when it is on half price.
We proceeded to take more pictures around the lake within the 30 min time frame. It is not a very nice part of the lake, but it looks really peaceful if you go to the correct spot.

Arrived a Dickson 1 hour + later.

Left Dickson 1 hour + later with a whole lotta of food, around $50 worth. We made an amazing discovery in Dickson today. They have a thrift shop! Something me and Kat have been talking about, whether we can find it in Canberra. She went to ask the cashier about other outlets and the cashier mentioned that there are a few more of it here in Canberra! I cannot find any useful stuff there but we got ourselves each a Banana in Pyjamas softtoy for $6. ;)

I hope Kat will be able to find some treasures there the next time we go back like a Chanel vintage bag for 5 bucks!

Kat -

Haha! yah. I too hope that I can find great vintage bags. We should go scout for hidden buys in those vintage shops when we are free . The DFO (Direct factory outlet) in Canberra is open! Let's go together soon guy! =)

All the pictures are taken around the lake at the museum bus stop.

What's on me:
Mango top, dress from Sydney, pink casio calculator watch, red bag from Bangkok, crystal rosary.

Tomorrow is mid autumn festival! And I have no mooncake. Boo. I want one. With lanterns please.

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