Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kat - End of CT1 Exam

I finished my CT 1 exam. I didn't manage to get the credit grade required for actuarial exemption, so I had to sit for the external exam held by IAA. By that it means, I'm overloadinggggggggg!!! Therefore, I'm really glad it's over! I have been neglecting all the other subjects because of this exam. So now, I'll need to catch up. With all the deadlines of assignment sprinting up upon me too. =(

Guy went to "celebrate" with me after the exam. We went for lunch at IORI (this fantastic Japanese restaurant in Canberra Civic). I thought I should reward myself for slogging for the exam! haha! okie okie, it's an excuse to go out and have a good meal. We had the Tasmanian don which is made up of super fresh and yummy salmon sashimi on vinegar rice and also Oyaku Don which is extremely delicious as well. =]

here's what I wore today,

What's on me:
Dotti plaid shirt dress, black over the knee socks, Rubi black shoes, black beads and crystal rosary.

I'm wearing my previous DFO buys! I love the shoes! But it's a freaking 4.5 inch high which was really comfy originally. But after walking for 4 hours, oh my gosh, my feet hurts! Guess it's the weight that is placed on the feet. I wonder how to lessen the hurt? Maybe I should get some insole. haha!

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