Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kat - Ping pong aka table tennis finals!

I went for our inter-hall table tennis finals!
Everyone was so pumped up and cheering their lungs away.
Each rooting for it's own hall!
Our hall had won 1 singles, 1 doubles and lost the next single.
So, it was down to the final final singles set with our hall star player and the star player from other hall chasing each other neck in neck, point by point.
Our star was really calm and composed and he perform under the tremendous pressure.
It was then the moment where it’s a lose or a shot at the win (they both deuce earlier and player from the other hall was at match point).
Player from the other hall then smashed the ball after quite a long rally, it flew, hit the net and stopped for a moment on the net before it finally decided to fall on our side of the table.
Point lose. 12-10. We lost. Game over. Everyone was disappointed because it was really unlucky.
Quite an anti climatic end. I was hoping for some huge smashes though.
But our team still did great, so hooray for 2nd! =]

What's on me:
White camisole, black cotton on mini skirt, black tights, Rubi silver oxfords, grey grayce drappy cardigan, black beaded necklace.

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