Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kat - Tropic thunder

Me and guy caught a movie with our floor today. It's our floor party and woohoo tickets are paid for. The movie that we caught, tropic thunder was pretty good. The entertainment value is high with stars like ben stiller, tom cruise and mr iron man. The jokes are pretty funny too. The plot wasn't fantastic but I guess the humor kind of makes up for it. Weather is still freezing, and my heater spoilt. So, for the past few days I have been living in an igloo. It is that cold.

What's on me:
Ice bandage dress, pink gossip bling vest, black boots, black purse from melbourne.

I tried curling my hair, but the waves just kind of die down after awhile. Tomorrow I'm gonna go get food. =] And I want a mooncake. This Sunday is mid autumn festival, I know it doesn't mean much to some, well it didn't mean much to me before I came here too. But now, away from home, I miss the festive feel, the laughter, the joy of having your friends and family together eating a simple dish that is common back home but is deem as a rare commodity here.

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