Monday, December 15, 2008

Kat - My favourite city in Aussie (Part 3)

Day 3 and 4

Day 1 and 2 are below this entry and guy's entry on Melbourne is below mine! I'm stealing all his spaces. haha.

We went to this shopping lane called bridge road in Melbourne. The weather for the last 2 days were pretty bad. Rain was perpetual. It never stops. I hate running around in rain. =( But I do love to see people outside running in the rain. haha.

Me and guy went to this amazing cafe. I love all the cakes they have there. Wonderfully sinful.

And all my outfit posts for the day!

What's on me: Jeans west lace tights, zu peep toes, Black zipper dress from valley girl, vintage bag, accessories from everywhere.

On the tram to bridge road.

I love my bag. It's from guess. Normally I think guess have rather tacky bags, but this is really cute and compact and eye catching. Thank you guy for it. xx

pigging out after a whole day of work.

Buildings in Melbourne.

The last day was spent wandering around queen victoria market. It's the number one place to visit on trip advisor. I visit the market everytime I'm in melbourne. It is always bustling with life and activities.

Me and guy had our caricature drawn. Something we always wanted to do. =]
That's a drawing of us! He's a soccer player and I'm a cheerleader.


TheMinx said...

cute pictures! I love your outfit and the caricature is hilarious :)

styleburst said...

thanks hun!! you are too nice. i love the caricature too!! =]


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