Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kat - Wearing my thrifted clothes.

I think I am gross. LOL. I wore those thrifted clothes without washing!! But I smelt them and they seems like it's really clean! I think the salvos store washes the clothes before selling them. Or so I hope.

that japanese looking top bought at the thrift shop yesterday. =] I really like it!

What's on me:
thrifted top ($2.50), tube dress, oroton vintage belt, charles and keith wedges, thrifted bag ($3.50).

I got a pair of gladiator sandals today as my shoes were hurting my toe nails. I wonder what's wrong with those toes, they have been hurting since yesterday. Guy says I really look like a gladiator whenever try those gladiator sandals as they make my calf look huge. haha. I hate my legs. I want those endless legs that go on forever. Anyhow, I just got them as they were like 30% off and my toes were crying out for a new shoe.


esther said...

haha, i know how that is when you get something from the thrift store and you want to wear it RIGHT NOW and skip the pre-wear washing. i've been guilty of doing that before too. :)
you look adorable.

styleburst said...

Yes!!!! but i do that to all my clothes actually. LOL. I'm guilty of wearing nearly everything that I buy immediately the next day without the washing. Thanks hun. I love your blog. =]

Anonymous said...

HUILING! seriously envy you leh.. aus got so many thrift shops that you can get such nice and chio clothes at such low prices. hmph. i must go aus one day man!!

hehe. your dress is nice :)

Anonymous said...

opps. forgot to mention i am shuwen again :P

styleburst said...

harro shuwen!!! I know it's you!! =))
Think thrift shopping here is much better than in Singapore and it's at a lower price too!!
Come come to aussie! But I'll be leaving this end of dec. =(

Anonymous said...

hehe. i know you will make such a great shopping partner .... cos your clothes make me salivate! !!! i want i want!!

is there any thrift shopping even in sg? :(

styleburst said...

I think there is. They have salvos family store in Singapore as well. Just that I think it's more pricey than in Canberra.
Oh! when are you going korea?? =]

Anonymous said...

eh girl! i realise i don't even have your MSN! :( that sucks.

add me ok?

eh.. have such thing one meh? never heard of the thrift store...
i am going back on the 12th! super excited.. actually korea has alot of nice clothes but they are kinda exp :(


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