Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guy - Moved out

These few weeks has been tiring but great. We moved out of Ursula and will stay for around 1 month at our friend's home. The home is really nice, as it is what Kat wanted before she goes back to Singapore : a kitchen where she can cook all the stuffs she wanted and say goodbye to our hall's shitty food. She is a food prodigy as she is able to reproduce food which I missed back in Singapore when cooking the dish for the first time. I am really having much fun these few weeks but sadly Kat is moving back to Singapore in 20 days. Not sure how much of me will die when she is gone T_T.

Doing storage is damn hectic, luckily it is the end of exams and we are all more light hearted.

The end of the semester also meant spring cleaning of our individual rooms, and it is as hectic as doing storages. In the picture, while I was clearing out unwanted stuff I found fun in squeezing out my shaving gel onto the basin. That yellow bit is Neutrogena. Not sure if you can tell what I am trying to write.

Since it is Kat's last few moments in the hall, we decided to go around the hall to take pictures of it for the last time. It was actually quite sad doing it as it will be my last few hour spending time with Kat there. The more places we went around the hall the darker the places got as the sun starts to set. Glad that it was the place I got to know Kat but sad that I will be back here again next year without her.

O its me and my bike! It has really made my life alot easier in the university especially during summer school when the flies start molesting me. With him around, I was able to get to my classes without constantly slapping the air around my face. Unfortunately as you might see he is injured at the moment as his back tire is punctured. Hope to get him back working soon as another summer school approaches, but nowadays the desire to cheat on him for a vintage bike seems stronger and stronger.

Its Kat around the hall... every single cubic metre meant a special bit of memory to her. xoxo

We also explored some of the vacant rooms in the hall, and these pictures we took it through the pin hole of a door.

This is our accomodation for a month before I return to Ursula. It is known as the Man House.

Got used to it pretty fast after we clean up the room. Got a culture shock on the first night of our stay as it was abit too manly for me. But we recovered pretty fast and our shopping adventure were back to normal.

This black slipper I got after my exam was something I considered quite long (though it was only $25 and I got it using a voucher). But it is indispensible as it is very versatile with many outfits. There are just some days when I feel sick of wearing shoes and I just feel like popping them on to allow my toes to wiggle in the fresh air.

Woo yea... my toes are smiling now.

Went to the museum for the second time in my life but this time I explore more of what I did not finish the previous time.

Haha this picture is taken from the museum and I liked it. Not sure why it is there but it reminded my of a Bruce Lee movie when he had this famous fight scene with a old man with a wolverine hand. In the end Bruce smashed all the mirrors to prevent it from deceiving him where the bad guy is really is.

I just got my results back and felt really relieved that I did not fail any subject. Hopefully I will be able to study smarter and obtain better grades the next time and I hope everyone had done well for their exams!

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