Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kat - Guy's nerdys.

I wanna go Melbourne again. Soon. I have yet to book anything but I'm hoping to go this coming week or the week after next. It'll be my last time in Melbourne. Until I decide to come back here to work. I wanna do the great ocean road. Been to Melbourne twice, but I didn't even bother going there. Was too caught up in melbourne shopping.
Melbourne is my favourite city in Australia, followed by gold coast and then sydney.

Here's what I wore today. Went out for a walk and stop myself from getting stuck in the house. The top is thrifted as well as the belt. Been wearing so many thrifted stuff these few days. I love the silky material of the top. It's so cooling and comfortable to wear. The colour is real pretty too.

The hand in my hair is like my staple pose. I will reach for my hair automatically when taking such photos.

Photoscape is really quite fun to use! It's free so you should try it! hoho!

What's on me:
Thrifted blue silk button shirt ($1), thrifted belt ($2), lame leggings, steve madden gladiators, huge bag ($5), rosary is a gift from guy, guy's nerds.

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