Monday, December 15, 2008

Kat - My favourite city in Aussie (Part 1)

They say time passes the fastest when you are having fun. That is so true.
My melbourne trip feels so short, it didn't feel enough at all.
But I'm glad I did nearly everything that I wanted. As guy said, we finally been to Melbourne. It took us 3 trips there before we visited the twelve apostles.
You experience 4 seasons in a day? From hot to cold, sunny and bright to dark gloomy and rainy. I never expect Melbourne to be that cold. I'm blogging each entry by the day.

Day 1
getting ready for the cab. I look really tired as it's five in the morning!

check into our hotel, wash up, apply my makeup and went for our lunch!
We had a fabulous lunch at this cheap eatery mekong. It serves vietnam food and the pho is soo good.


What's on me: Oakley black bandage dress, cotton on sarkling tights, ZU peep toe oxfords, pink dress from night market, vintage bag, accessories from everywhere.

Our hotel is just opposite the chinatown and we went for a walk there. The first day was spent exploring the city and taking photos. Not forgetting eating.

Look how windy it is. Hair all over my face.

I'm so thankful for this white cardigan. I didn't really like it and thought of giving it to the Salvation army, but before I could give it away Canberra weather went berserk and was at a temperature of 5 degree in summer. This was the only thick jacket that I had as I pack all my stuff away, and it didn't make sense to buy a new one as I'm going back Singapore in 3 weeks time. The jacket has weathered through the cold wind and nasty rain. I'm so happy I brought it to Melbourne with me as an insurance against bad weather. Smart choice I made. haha.

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