Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kat - The sky is beautiful

I went grocery shopping on Sunday! Theoretically speaking, I have been grocery shopping everyday. LOL.
I have made baked honey chicken thighs, mapo tofu, ba kut teh, seafood marinara spaghetti, french crepes with scrambled eggs, stir fry vegetables, vinegared chicken, vegetables with oyster sauce, fried rice, fried hokkien mee and black pepper prawn udon so far!! My mum would be sooooo proud of me! haha!

Oh! And here's what I wore on Sunday. Just a casual outfit for a quick trip.

What's on me:
Topshop tank top, bandage skirt, lame leggings, Charles & Keith grey wegdes, equip headband, vintage bag.

I went thrift shopping again today! The guy working there is the nicest ever. He sold me a necklace, a bag, 3 brooches, 1 bangle, 3 tops all for 10 dollars. =] Yippie yayyy!

Here's what I wore today:
Tube dress, ZU gladiator heels, vintage bag, scarf from tie rack, bangles from here and there.

I cheated, I changed into my black flip flops before I went out as my toe nails really hurt. =( But I took the photos before I changed!

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