Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kat - A visit to the war memorial

I went to the war memorial with guy! It is soo much better than I thought. It even made me wish that I had visited the place much much earlier in my 2 years here. The memorial was beautifully built and contains history of world war 1 and 2 with historical artifacts and real bomber planes. So much time and effort have been put into this whole building. The artifacts were beautifully preserve and the miniature models of soldiers and paintings were fantastic.
Guy loves it there. He loves all these historical stuff.

Here's what I wore:
What's on me:
Supre black mini, supre white top, inniu beige shoes, guess bag, cotton on drappy cardigan, vintage scarf, vintage oroton belt.

That's the war memorial.

With a fake camel.

Me and guy spent 3 hours and we are only done with world war 1. We have yet to see WW2 or the planes yet. So, we'll be coming back here soon.

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