Monday, December 15, 2008

Kat - My favourite city in Aussie (Part 2)

Day 2

Day 2 in Melbourne was spent in a freaking bus! The bus ride to see the 12 apostles was 5 hours. So to and fro that 10 hours in the bus. I sat till my butt feels sooo pain and tired. The journey was really boring but I guess everyone has to go see the apostles once. At least once. It's pretty worth the journey for the first time.

Guy and me, we didn't expect ourselves to be so blown away by how beautiful and majestic nature's work is. They are that magnificent it just takes your breath away.

The tour starts at 8. We woke up early for a heavy breakfast before the tortuous bus journey.

We reached the great ocean road! After 3 hours in the bus, you have to get down and at least snap some photos!

2 more grueling hours later, we finally reach the 12 apostles. Lo and behold!

This is to show how windy it is there. Just look at my hair. I look so electrified. haha.

What's on me: Valleygirl yellow sundress, white tights, black lace tights, Zu peep toe oxfords, forever new shades, vintage bag.

We reached back the city at 8 plus. We went to the casino and had a few rounds. haha. But lady luck wasn't on our side. IS THERE ANY FORMULA AT WINNING IN CASINO?? Teach me please if there is.

A photo with the street artist. They are really talented. =]

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