Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kat - Victorian

The weather in Canberra is getting a little too hot nowadays. The transition from winter to summer has been really weird, with one day wishing you could walk around shirtless and the next searching and looking for more layers to cover yourself.

But nevertheless, summer is finally here. HOT HOT HOT. I hope I'll be able to survive the Singapore heat. The sweating and the humidity and the scorching sun. Ewww.

It's a rather breezy day today, so I took out this tunic that I bought and have not worn. I thought I could use it as a dress but it's too short to be one. Loving the Victorian feel to it. The material feels really soft and light. Initially, I couldn't decide how to wear it, so I tried it 2 ways. Tell me which one you prefer.

The first way:

The second way

Actually, it was just tucking the tunic in and out of the skirt. haha. I wore the second way in the end.

What's on me:
Victorian top, black skirt, Inniu beige shoes ($14), vintage bag, Icon ring, polka dots bow clip, accessories from here and there.
I love my ring. It's pretty huge. In the background of the photo shows the house that I'm staying in.

That's a back view of guy. I posted his picture without him knowing.

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