Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kat - Lagging behind time

I'm so behind in the entries. So I shall do a really fast recap.
And I know this is a trivial thing to many many people, but still I wanna scream and shout and make known that I just learn how to cycle. I'm still a novice and really bad at it, but it doesn't matter. I can cycle in a straight line as long as there is no curb or anything.
I cycled out today on the real road when I just master cycling in less than 2 hours. I fell a couple of times with cuts here and there, however it's really great as it's my first cycling outside. haha.

Me and guy had such an adventure today. Climbing the mountain, cycling, hiking, meeting animals of all sorts. But I'll blog about it next time.

I went out to get some shopping done last week and here's what I wore:

I think I look like an air steward.
What's on me: Reverse blue button dress, vintage scarf, DIY belt, charles and keith wedges, coach bag, accessories from everywhere.

With guy in pancake parlor. It's this place where they sell fabulously wonderful pancakes. I love the store.

An a photo of the heavenly ice chocolate from koko black. It's so good that with every sip all you can say is literally "wow, so good".

The night ended with asian food. yay.

I went out for a really short while and I can't remember what I did. But here's what I wore.
What's on me:
Dress from melbourne, rip curl bracelet, vintage bag, Rubi silver flats, diva headband.

And last Sunday I went to the Bus Depot Market. It's this place where the artsy people meet. They sell beautiful ornaments, paintings, photographs, frames, soaps and some wonderful food.
If you didn't already notice, I dyed my hair. Technically, guy help me. And he did a really great job!!
Love this cute pin.

What's on me:

Supre top, polka dot baby doll top as skirt, cotton on cardigan, vintage pin, vintage oroton belt, vintage bag, Zu peep toes.

I'm so tired now I can sleep for 24 hours straight without waking up. Imagine walking like 20 km in one day.

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