Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guy - Flori.Ade and fine weather

Today me and Kat went to the floriade, an exhibition in Canberra that has alot of flowers which I am personally not a big fan of. Luckily the weather was great, not windy and sunny, and I took the chance to take more pictures of Kat around the university before she returns to Singapore for her final semester. Well I hope she post pictures I took for her the next entry because I think some of it are really nice! :)

Telstra tower, the biggest TV antenna in Australia. It can be seen from many places of our hall!

Some structures in the ANU.

Shirt from some market ($10), scarf ($2), havaianas ($9), roger david pants ($10), police watch ($180), mambo sling bag ($15).

More than 1 million flowers, around 5 times the population of Canberra!

Reminds me of a coldplay song.

They tried using the flowers to make the shapes of certain things. This is a crocodile of Mr. Dundee.

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