Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guy - Happy shitty week

Hi there! This has been my week of shitty luck! Just when I am writing this, 2 hours ago the soccer ball just landed on my nose causing it to bleed! But it is fine now although I double checked with the mirror and feel its abit more to the left. If you guys notice any changes on my face after this post please tell me!

This week amidst all my bad luck we had valete, a dinner to wish farewell to all departing residents. Well again it is as sad as Spartos for me as I got a project due next day and haven't done much, and also 2 class tests! Well, this is shitty week, and I flung both! Hope my project goes well though.. oo.. maybe its because of the tie I wore to Valete, its shit colour :( .

On me: Belt ($5), tie thrifted ($1), shirt from Crocodile ($50), thrifted woman's blazer, skinny formal pants from Jeanswest ($8.99), WS white shoes ($20).

Anyway, crocodile is one of my favourite brands. They exists long ago when my father buy their shirts off departmental stores, but now I suppose a new management took over and revamp their image! It is very stylish and I like all the clothings on their mannequin. Good thing is they are not too expensive, and hopefully I have more of their stuff when I start working.

Liang. AaaaMazing suit (his slang).

On the left (Davidson aka genius) is one of the most amazing person I met. He love maths! And I can flip his books and only understand what the Foreword page is telling me. Middle is Leon, his room is always fequented by girls to STUDY with him.

John on the left from Singapore. He likes to play gay even though he has a gf.

Kat and the food! Looks great and taste like... lamb.

Valetees! All the best to them.

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