Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kat - Ready Set Go

The start of a new term is in 24 hours. 3 weeks to finals. Gosh! Time is going a little too fast for me.
It's time to start studying for it! I think the number of posts will be dropping as me and guy won't have the luxury to go out shopping and take outfit posts anymore. Nevertheless, we will try to post regularly.

A short trip out today! Didn't do much, didn't come back full of bargains or satisfaction. But I did come back with a cute little badge.

A casual and comfortable outfit. =)

What's on me:
Elle world butterfly top ($3), Minkpink lame leggings, vintage bag, tube as skirt, Rubi strappy shoes ($50), black accessories.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo. I'm excited by the new gossip girl episode coming up! loves.


Eelie said...

Ah i can completely relate to this swamp gremlin that is finals! In fact first ones tomorrow! *sigh* Anyway i really like the crocheted-like top you
re wearing - perfect for this Summer i dars say. Good luck with preperation!

styleburst said...

oh no!! good luck for your finals!! After that is fun fun fun!!
Thank you so much! glad you like the top!! xox


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