Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guy - Yet another salvation army conquered

Today we made a hasty attack on the salvation army in Macquaire (not sure of the spelling), and we made a few buys! It was the first time that I actually managed to find bags, and made a fantastic swoop on two of it.

This one I found it buried under a heap of polyester bags, the same feeling as digging out a treasure buried under the soil. It costs $5, looks new and I can bring it to office. The brand is Fortune Duck (sounds like a chinese restuarant) and it is founded in 1936 in Italy. Yet to check out the brand on internet but love the quality and color no matter what.

The second bag I acquired ($5 too), it is pretty small like a lady's handbag, its a lady's brand. But I guess it looks manly enough for me to use it. Great quality, it is leather and made in England. Kat likes it too, but she let me have it. Haha, that is partly because she already have like 7 other vintage bags!

Last item from the store, was helping Kat look out for nice necklace and I saw this. She said it was suitable for guys as well so I bought it for $1.

Lovely day.

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