Friday, October 10, 2008

Kat - :wall.e:

I just caught wall e with guy 2 days ago. I am in love with that show!!!

The movie was so touching and there were so many parts I could feel so much emotions swelling inside me. And guy was really sweet. He got the toy for me as a surprise when we went out yesterday. Thank you! I really love the toy and the surprise.

This is the wall.e toy. He can talk and move and respond. n_n

this is my happy shoes!! yellow strap and heels!

My gigantic chipmunk bag. He is really handy when it comes to shopping. You can throw everything inside. Oh!! I bought a michael jackson like jacket. It's gorgeous. I love it.

What's on me:
Thrifted extra large jumper ($4), over the knees, happy shoes ($10), chipmunk bag from Singapore ($10).

I went out today after dinner for a stroll.

A close up of my jacket.

What's on me:
Floral dress from night market, jeanswest michael jackson like jacket, jeanswest lace tights ($4), speedyrhino black heels, thrifted bag, ICON sailormoon necklace ($2).

Holidays are ending so soon. I'm so unprepared for school. =(

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