Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kat - New Haven Can Wait

I just caught the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Blair's wardrobe last night was not impressive. I thought she deserves better clothes! But still, it was fun to watch. I feel a little sad for Chuck as he is always alone, and Nate over-reacted with Chuck using Dan even when Chuck protected him. Nate chose Dan over Chuck. Well, Dan is nice and all, but I don't see his story in this season. He is so boring! He has no storyline at all. And why is Nate hooking up with so many random girls so quickly? LOL. I like the S and B parts the most. Despite all the catfights, the sabotaging, S and B made up in the end, so all is good and shiny.

As guy previously mentioned, we made a trip down to Salvos for about an hour. I'm really glad as he bought 2 gorgeous bags. I bought 2 scarves and 2 necklaces and the bag that I'm carrying below! And I DON'T HAVE 7 vintage bags. LOL! I have like 4?
I just washed both the scarves. The water is amazingly brown. Haha! I'm glad it's clean now, so I can wear it! Yay!

This is what I wore today:

The bag is my new collection. I cut this purple tee into the tank top as the collar is chocking me. The skirt was belted as it's a little loose. The belt was from another skirt.

What's on me:
Charles and Keith Shoes ($40), Cotton on black skirt ($5), DIY purple top, vintage purse, ICON owl necklace, purple bangle.

This was what I wore the other day to school. A sailor inspired outfit, but I don't look too sailorish.
GUY HAS A FANTASTIC METABOLISM! He eats 2 packets of instant noodles for supper and he does not get fat. Not an ounce of fat is on him. And when we cook supper, he'll share it with me. And I'll happily eat the noodles. I thought that since he won't get fat, I won't too!!
BUT BUT BUT!! that is so untrue. I have been piling on excess weight at all the wrong places! hahahahahah! Shed it off shed it off!! Summer is here soon. Time to shed off those gain during winter!!

That's my new badge!! I like it. It's so kitschy.

What's on me:
Cut off denim shorts, Westco nautical top ($5), Jeanswest Michael Jackson Jacket, shoes from Melbourne, vintage pin($1) and scarf and mum's pearls.

Off to do my work now! xoxo

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