Monday, October 6, 2008

Kat - A lot of flowers and a heartburn.

Yesterday had such a fine weather: cloudy with a gentle breeze blowing. The temperature was perfect, I think it was at 18 degrees?

Me and guy went to the Floriade. It is a annual event where you see flowers (millions and millions of them!) in this park. We decided to go yesterday as I heard from those that had gone saying that the flowers are starting to wilt.

We took loads of pictures on the way there! yay!

That's a river near our college.

I thought this was quite an artsy shot!

I love this background!

I'm drinking this thing that is called Nutrient water that taste really bad. haha.

That's how the flowers in Floriade look like, but thousands and thousands times more! I'm having a serious heartburn, it hurts so much! I can't really swallow my food at all as it hurts everytime I try to.

What's on me:
White dress from long ago, Mambo goddess green jacket, over the knees, coach wine bag, black accessories and my thrifted belt.

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