Friday, October 10, 2008

Guy - Camera Canberra

I forgot that I actually mentioned I hope to showcase some sceneries of Australia in the description on the right. And so I have another excuse to blog more to compete with Kat!

Got to admit that it is actually not the sceneries of Canberra's beautiful mountains or sea, but it is more like taking pictures of what I see as beautiful in Canberra. My other hobby! :)

On the way to Civic after sucky dinner at hall to have a walk. What healthy person I am! (yeah right I took a bus back later)

This is actually the window of an office space! Looks like Pocahontas is working inside

A picture of Unilodge, another student accomodation. This sky is impossible in Singapore as it is always humid and the sky is always exploded with clouds.

Under a bus-stop shelter at Unilodge. Canberra is developing at a fast pace and constructions can be seen everywhere. I had a plan to invest in Canberra property when I have the money only to find out everywhere here is owned by the Queen. She will only allow you to lease her lands.


Picture of a chalk-drawn Heath on a board. Native of Australia and love for him hardly dies.
Ended the civic trip with a Macdonalds meal to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

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