Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kat - I took a photo with Jesus.

I have an AUD80 civic voucher for my birthday present, so I decided that I should go look around for stuff to buy.
Nothing much catches my eye but I do hope that I'll eventually buy something that I really like! :]
I saw these cute plush toys at a book store.
That's gandhi and freud.

That's leonardo da vinci and che guevara!

William Shakespeare together with Jesus.

Me! I had a photo with Jesus!! Wahahah! And that's Napoleon on my fingers.
Don't you think they all look so funny? I like the gandhi one. Which one do you like?

What's on me:
Vintage polka dot dress, coach wine bag, casio gold vintage watch, thrifted belt, over the knees, shoes bought from melbourne.


Anonymous said...

i would say che guevara. it's cute. and i love your dress. also your bag and belt color.

styleburst said...

haha!! all the toys are so cute!! n_n
I like all of them!
Thank you so much!! xox


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