Friday, October 3, 2008

Kat - Celebrating our found 'lost' keys

Guy lost our keys when he went to watch the table tennis match.
For the past 2-3 weeks, we have been living without the keys. Our room doors were unlock like 24/7.
in order to enter our hall up to our rooms, we need to use the keys to open this main door. Being the keyless us, we always have to wait for people to come down from their rooms or for someone to go up before we can get actually into the building.
If we report it lost to the hall admins, we have to replace the key. The cost of one key is 65, so 2 keys total up to 130. We were really contemplating of reporting it soon. Living without keys is such a hassle.
Then yesterday, this kind soul called!! The person said that she had picked up the keys and will return it to usssss! !woohoo!!
Guy offered a 20 buck reward(which is quite small compared to what he originally had to pay) but she didn't take it. So kind!!
Today, we went out to celebrate our found keyss!! yay!
Ate so much. Ice chocolate is wonderful. Oh! I bought a new pair of shoes!

And i look so fat here. and below! =(
What's on me:

Oneteaspoon dress, Target shoes, coach wine bag, grayce grey drappy cardigan.

I'm so full now from our celebration, I can't move at all. Trust me to be still eating. haha.

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