Monday, October 6, 2008

Kat - Grocery shopping

Went out for an hour with guy to get some much needed stuff - gummies for me! WAHAHA!
And guy bought a belt and socks. Plus he got some really yummy shoes yesterday!!
I went out without any makeup on! I must add that I prepared in 5 minutes. Miss speedy!

The wind was really strong so my hair is all over my face! But it's alright because I look worse without makeup. Oh, that's my new necklace! I love it! It looks super sailormoon but I still less than three it. Guess I just like all things magical and fairytale like. LOL!

What's on me:
Minkpink lame leggings, silver flats, guy's singlet which I cut, my mum's scarf, cotton on drappy cardigan, equip studded hairband and icon wing necklace.

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